Crescent Lodge Dental Practice Dentist Treatments

Dentist Ethos

At Crescent Lodge Dental Practice in Clapham Common, London, we take pride in our patient-friendly outlook. We take a personal approach to all of our patients and want you to see a familiar and friendly face when coming to see us. We understand that going to the dentist isn’t everybody’s favourite past time, so we allow plenty of appointment time for those that may be nervous or anxious about visiting. We will always strive to put your mind at ease and make sure you are comfortable. We’re not only personally accessible and friendly, but we are a private dental practice that opens early mornings, late evenings, and Saturdays. We fit around your hours so you can make time for your dental hygiene. Whether you are visiting us for cosmetic purposes, facial aesthetics, or general dental health, we promise exceptional care from entrance to exit.

Cosmetic Treatments Overview

Cosmetic Dentistry in Clapham Common, London

Teeth whitening – Rid your teeth of stains, brighten your smile, and feel more confident with in-practice or at-home solutions for diminished teeth whiteness. You really will have a reason to smile!

Dental Veneers – Often completed in one visit, dental veneers are thin shells of ceramic bonded to the front of your teeth to give a more even, finished, and uniform smile.

Crowns & Bridges – Whether you need a crown to cap a damaged or unsightly tooth, or a bridge to permanently fit a replacement tooth or teeth, Crescent Lodge Dental Practice can help restore your teeth.

White Fillings – A brilliant option for natural-looking tooth repair, a white filling can be fit right away or even replace an already installed metal filling that will blend into the rest of your mouth. Nobody need know.

Orthodontic Braces – Everyone’s teeth are unique, which is why Crescent Lodge Dental Practice, London, offers 4 kinds of orthodontic braces, including the invisible aligners by Invisalign, so you can find the best treatment options to suit you.

General Dentistry Treatments Overview

Looking After Your Dental Health In Clapham Common, London

crescent lodge dental practice

Gum Specialist – Most people don’t realise something may be the matter with their gums until it is far too late, so whether you suspect you may be suffering from gum disease or just want to put your mind at ease, our gum specialist care is always the right decision.

Dental Hygiene – Ensure your dental hygiene is as good as it can be and take charge of your teeth by scheduling regular appointments for dental hygiene check-ups.

Mouth Cancer Diagnosis – Learn the early warning signs and risk factors at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice to ensure you stay fit and well. Early diagnosis improves survival chances in more than 90% of cases, so do not hesitate to find out more.

Root Canal Treatments – We will always save your tooth if we can, and removal is a last resort. Learn more about the signs of damage, halting the spreading of infection, and treatment that keeps you smiling.

Grinding and Headaches – Grinding your teeth can have detrimental results to the state of your dental health, impact your jaw and ability to bite, and give you headaches. Here’s how your dentist can help.

Nervous Patients – Our personable approach can put you at ease, but should you still feel nervous we offer solutions and accommodate anyone who’s favourite hobby isn’t visiting the dentist.

Decay Detection – Learn the signs of decay, methods of prevention, and develop a dental health plan with one of our skilled dentists.

Children’s Dentistry – Safeguarding your child’s teeth can be easy and hassle free. We value preventative methods over fixing damage, so let us teach your child about the importance of dental hygiene.

Oral Surgery – Sometimes things don’t go to plan no matter how well we look after our teeth, so the dentists at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice offer safe and expert hands for all manner of teeth complaints.

Toothwear and Acid Erosion – Find out our everyday solutions for worn teeth and advice to curb acidic diets you can easily implement at home.

Dental Implants Treatments Overview

Dental Implants and Teeth Replacement Solutions in Clapham Common, London

Cresent Lodge Dental Practice

Fast Implants – Restore missing teeth quickly and effectively with these discrete dental implants.

Implants Dentures – Steady and stable, these implants help secure dentures so you can smile with confidence again and limit your diet less.

Single Implants – Nobody should be self-conscious about their smile, so let us help you with natural-looking implants that fix into place better than regular dentures.

Sinus Lift – Some people may need a little more preparation for implants and that’s okay, because we can advise and consult for free on whether you will need this surgical assistance.

Dentures – Natural-looking solutions to missing teeth are available at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice, London, where we accommodate for size, budget, and pre-existing teeth colour. We make it so easy.

Facial Aesthetics Treatments Overview

Helping You Look Your Best In Clapham Common, London

Wrinkle Reduction – If you are starting to see some unwanted signs of ageing, then wrinkle reduction and line softening offer a non-surgical approach to facial rejuvenation.

Dermal Filler – This is an ideal treatment for adding some volume and shape to your face. Define your lips, cheeks, and facial contours with filler available through our expert hands.

Dermaroller – Put vibrancy, life, and bounce back into your skin with this microneedle facial therapy that can reduce the signs of acne scarring, sun damage, and fine lines.

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