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Dear Crescent Lodge, I would very much like to thank you for the treatment Marcia has been giving me. I had quite bad gum disease, and she had the difficult task of telling me I was hopeless at cleaning my teeth. This she did in a charming way, explaining how important it was not just for my gums but would have other health implications further down the line. She carefully explained how I could improve my teeth cleaning technique. I tried my best to do as she had advised, and on my last visit , she was pleased with the progress I had made. Quite tricky, as also to do her job well, there are slightly painful moments, which she also explains very well. Thank you again, my oral hygiene has improved thanks to Marcia.

You have the nicest team and make dentistry fun!

- K.B

I wasn’t happy with the shape of my teeth because they were chipped, discoloured and uneven, with a gap in the middle. I thought veneers were the only realistic option but Dr Lars Franke talked me through all the options and recommended a method using the same technique as fillings to rebuild the shape. This was not only less invasive (no need to file my teeth down which were in good condition anyway) but also with the added bonus of costing a fraction of the price of veneers. After a series of home whitening and 1 treatment at the dentist to shape my teeth, I was really impressed with how even, brighter but really natural my teeth now look.

I’m so happy I was informed about this alternative treatment to veneers and really pleased with the results. I would highly recommend it to anyone with the same problem.

- S

I couldn’t be happier with the treatment or the results. I’m a nervous patient but Dr Swift was brilliant at putting me at ease and talking me through every stage of the procedure. For me, the transformation was even better than I’d hoped and has resulted in a lot of compliments! I consider every penny to be money well spent and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr Swift to anyone.

Having spent half my teens in braces, I resolved to tolerate a discoloured overlapping front tooth. Many dentists tried to coax me into elaborate procedures to fix my crooked smile but I resisted all efforts. Finally, Dr Nilsson convinced me (through honesty and gentle reassurance) and I’m delighted with the results. I now have a really natural set of gnashers with minimum distress, at a very reasonable price. A month later, I’m still getting compliments on my new smile.

- C.G

Dear Fabrizio, I just wanted to thank you very much indeed for your skill and kindness to me over the last few weeks. I know that the operation was a difficult one and I am very pleased that it seems to be healing well. Thank you so much.

- A.W.G.

I’m absolutely delighted with my treatment results. Dr Swift’s knowledge and advice made the whole process very pleasant. Crescent Lodge is one of the best dental practices I have ever encountered through the years. I will totally recommend Crescent Lodge to my family and friends.

- G. S-L.

I am normally quite afraid of needles but when I walked into Dr John’s office to have the wrinkle reduction done I immediately felt comfortable. Both the doctor and the nurse explained to me exactly what they were about to do. It was painless and I didn’t feel any discomfort the whole time. In fact after I did my forehead, I went back 2 weeks later to do my eyes. The result was impressive. I still receive compliments by people who don’t even know I’ve had wrinkle reduction. They think I look very relaxed and the reason might be a recent holiday or even a new love!

I’m 100% satisfied with the results and I’m going to have it done again in a few months. I have recommended your practice to all my friends and colleagues and I am positive they will be going to do it very soon.

- D.S.

About my bite splint
For a long time I was unhappy with my uneven and ‘ground down’ lower front teeth. I had been told by my previous dentist there was nothing to be done except to wear a night guard to protect the teeth from further grinding. Having watched and being sucked into the ‘look 10 years younger’ hype, I decided to make further enquiries and discovered that there might be hope on the horizon. The main issue was to widen my bite, which I was told this might very probably be achieved by fitting a bite splint - it sounds grim but actually is just another type of night guard.

I had no idea that grinding one’s teeth causes headaches, neckaches and even shoulder problems all of which I had been experiencing for years and had put down to a very stressful job. Within a week of having the bite splint fitted, all my head and neck pains vanished and haven’t returned. Even my computer stressed shoulder pains have eased and the physical widening of my bite worked a treat over a six month period allowing me to have a lot of life-changing cosmetic work done, which would not have been possible with the old bite. I have been sleeping much better and wouldn’t go without the bite splint now.

About my cosmetic work
My smile and the uneven look of my teeth had become intolerable. I was also carrying around a load of mercury fillings, which I believed were a health hazard so I decided to take action. My perception garnered from all these television programmes that seem to indicate a miracle whole mouth restoration is possible over a couple of weeks with no more than a couple of appointments was fairly swiftly put into perspective - it is just not so quick or easy and if you are told otherwise, find another dentist!

The process is carefully crafted and calculated for long term success, so a quick fix it is definitely not. I found I suffered quite a lot of sensitivity over several weeks and wondered if I would ever be able to eat or drink normally again but it all worked out fine once everything had time to settle down.

By the way, I think everyone should take Arnica 200 under the guidance of a good homeopath starting a day before treatment begins and continuing until the new teeth and gums are at home with themselves.

Jonny, you were brilliant though - painstakingly thorough and endlessly patient. I never thought I would say that it was fun to go to a dentist, least of all spend hours in the chair but I enjoyed our sessions!

The end result - a transformation indeed and I am so pleased I committed to the investment. By the way, I never really looked at people’s teeth before I had the work done - now I have a desperate urge to send virtually everyone who smiles at me to Crescent Lodge!

- Feona

I recently changed from a bite splint on my front upper teeth to an acrylic bite splint on my lower teeth. I am delighted with the change. The new splint is much more comfortable, because it fits my teeth more snugly. Also the bite is even across the teeth not just focused on the front ones, which is much more gentle on my jaw.

I find it much easier to keep clean and healthier all round. While more expensive, I think the new splint is much better for me and much easier to maintain and so I think it represents better long term value for money. I am happy to refer friends and will do so as the opportunity arises.

- J.S

Dear Jonny, what a difference you have made to my life. I have spent many years avoiding the dentist at all costs, despite the fact that my teeth and gums were telling me I should seek help.

I was just too scared by the thought of the pain, the embarrassment of having to share my imperfections, the cost and those dreadful memories of staring up at a hideously scary man dressed in a gleaming white coat prising open my mouth to do battle with my far from brilliant smile. It was easier to pretend that all was fine and deal with the consequences later. Thank goodness I didn’t.

Apprehensive is not the word. Tearful is perhaps more appropriate for the way I felt as I stepped into your surgery for the first time. But I can honestly say that your advice, treatment, professionalism and reassurance have transformed how I feel and look.

I am so grateful to you and your marvellous team for making my smile so beautiful. You have given me a new found confidence and I can’t thank you enough.

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the treatment I am receiving from Maria the hygienist. I find her thorough and helpful. She has given me very good advice about looking after my mouth. This has resulted in a marked improvement in my dental health. I have recommended friends and family who are now seeing her too. It has been worth the money.

You have the highest standard of dentistry I have ever known.

Jonny and Marta, thank you for my lovely new smile. I was dreading the whole thing as you know and have been putting it off for years! The difference it has made is amazing - I now like having my photo taken! Thank you for being brilliant and lovely.

Dear Dr Franke, many thanks for the excellent consultation on Saturday. I was delighted with the care you took in creating a full treatment plan for me with so many different options. I was very happy that a dentist at the Crescent Lodge dental practice – where I have been a satisfied patient for 14 years – should demonstrate in such a careful manner that he and the practice has their patients’ best interests at heart. I am always telling my friends and colleagues about Crescent Lodge and recommending you and your dentists as the very best practitioners I have ever experienced

Dear Lars, thank you so much for the wonderful handiwork you did on my front teeth I think my mouth looks so much better. I wish all dentists were like you. You have a wonderful way with patients and certainly you have made me feel calm and relaxed.

Dear Dr Rapisarda, thanks to you and your team for the care, skill and patience over recent months. I very much appreciate all you have done to accommodate me. Your efforts make a real difference.

The advice, service, support and results I have received from Dr Swift and the wrinkle reduction treatments have been brilliant. From the very first consultation two years ago, Dr Swift provided clear information and advice and I have always felt relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedures. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Swift for the results and his kind, friendly and professional approach.

A quick note to say how very impressed I have been with my recent treatment with Dr Franke. I had not been to a dentist for 7 years and needed 2 crowns and some fillings. He explained exactly what needed to be done and planned the work to keep the necessary appointments to a minimum. At all my appointments I felt completely confident in him and was impressed by the care he took, including sending back a crown to be remade when it did not meet his expectations. I will not hesitate to return to him for future dental care.

I was very unhappy with the state of my teeth as they were uneven and also worn and discoloured. I had my front six teeth veneered and my initial reaction is that my teeth now look much better. They have been evened out better than I thought. They are whiter and look better without looking unnatural. I have only just had the treatment done but my initial response is very good. The care was professional and friendly.

- P.P

I love Crescent Lodge and have had excellent experiences there over 13 years, my latest dentist being Dr Birkenstock. Belonging to a dental surgery like yours is one of the pleasures of living in the Clapham area.

Morning Dr Dino, I just wanted to say thank you. My teeth feel great. I didn’t experience any pain or irritation afterwards and I’m able to floss easily with no problem of food getting stuck between those back teeth anymore. Thanks for fixing that free of charge and doing the filling in the adjacent tooth, I know it took longer than expected. Such a pleasure to have a good dentist!

- M.R

My fear of needles and dental treatment had prevented me from going to the dentist for about seven years. A friend suggested that Crescent Lodge seemed sensitive about this issue so I booked myself in for an appointment.

I was amazed that my fear was treated seriously and sensitively. When my consultation revealed that I needed two fillings I was given good practical advice as to how these could be done for me as comfortably as possible. In the end the treatment was easy, painless and over before I knew it.

Dr Birkenstock and all the staff at Crescent Lodge tried their hardest to put me at ease - and it worked. I feel much better about having future dental treatment and will actually be coming back for more! Thank you all very much.

I am delighted with the caring and professional service I received from John Swift at the Crescent Lodge Dental Practice. I needed some new veneers and John took a lot of trouble to achieve an excellent result for me. He suggested a visit to the lab [Knight Dental], which, although was a long hike, was a good idea as they were able to colour match, producing a very natural result. I would highly recommend him and his practice.

Dear Dr Nilsson, I just wanted to thank you so much for all the care you have taken -both of me and my implant - over the last six months. You were particularly kind the night I smashed my teeth, spending far more time allowed to me then I had the right to expect. I really appreciate this and am very happy with the implants.

- Joy

Dear Fabrizio, today I saw my friend Chris for the first time since his tooth saga and he was so impressed with you! Apart from the fact that he said there was a difference like night and day between the NHS dentist he had been to see previously and you (he vowed he would never go back to that NHS dentist), he also said that you were really a nice guy (I knew that already :-) ). You were very professional and you were excellent at what you did! He was full of praise for you. And he also figured out that you probably gave up your lunch break in order to fit him in on Monday - which he really appreciated.

And so I just wanted to pass on that glowing feedback to you and also thank you from my side for immediately coming to the rescue of Chris! Your prompt response and fantastic care is very much appreciated. And now I also know where to go just in case I suddenly need a dentist in London.

- Isabel

As a young teenager I fell over in a river and smashed my front teeth. The clumsy crowns I was given at the time made me very self-conscious and for many years I hid my mouth when I smiled.

After university I moved to London and decided to do something about it so, having registered with Crescent Lodge, asked Dr Swift to replace them for me and was very happy with the results.

A few years later though, with my wedding looming, I decided I wanted my teeth whiter and also for the crowns to be slightly more tailored to the shape of my natural teeth and so went back to Jonny to discuss what to do – we agreed a course of treatment primarily comprised of whitening my existing teeth and new crowns.

Having major dental work is naturally a potentially stressful time but having been through crown replacement with Dr Swift before I felt reassured knowing that I was in super safe and meticulous hands.

During the treatment itself he was very supportive, ensuring not only that I was comfortable during and in between visits but also that we were both happy with the end results. This took some amount of fine-tuning and patience but we got there and finally I have teeth I am happy to smile with thanks to Jonny and the rest of the lovely team at Crescent Lodge.

Having moved out of London to Reading, dentistry at Crescent Lodge has become something of a family outing for us – my husband joined when we were dating (and also got his teeth whitened for our big day - after he saw mine he had to!) and our little girl also comes with us too – but travelling so far is worth the effort for such excellent service and we both thoroughly recommend the practice.

- Claire

I needed emergency root-canal therapy and was seen by Dr Christian Pintado at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice SW4. I found him to be very professional; explaining the process prior and during. He was also attentive in limiting unnecessary pain and discomfort. The filling was the best I’ve had as is “invisible” so all was handled well and I would recommend Dr Pintado for all dentistry matters.

- Nicholas

Great service all round. And Viola at the front desk is brilliant.

- Tom Bishop

I am very happy with the all the treatments and service I receive from Crescent Lodge. In particular, I have had a couple of broken teeth recently and was treated within a couple of days and within two weeks had new teeth. Expertly and efficiently carried out. The Receptionists are always courteous and helpful.

- Sally Robertson