Dentures at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice in South West London Clapham do their very best to ensure your dentures look natural, fit comfortably and allow you to eat properly.

We offer a range of dentures to suit most budgets and advances in denture technology mean that some foods that were off limits to denture wearers in the past, can now be eaten more easily.

As we get older the colour of our teeth changes and they gradually darken. We can now offer more natural-looking teeth, to include tooth shades that look realistic.

Partial denture

If you only have one or a few teeth missing, there are a number of solutions for restoring your mouth and giving you a full smile again. You could have a dental bridge, a single dental implant, implant dentures, or partial denture.

A partial denture differs from a typical denture because it doesn’t replace all the teeth in your upper or lower jaws.

Partial dentures are removable and consist of a plate that fits over your palate or under the front of your tongue with an artificial tooth or teeth attached to it. They are a popular choice with our patients from Balham, Clapham, London, Clapham Common, South Side and SW4.

These types of dentures are made from a softer material so they flex with your mouth, making them more comfortable to wear. The artificial teeth attached to the denture are made to match the shade, size and shape of your surrounding teeth, so unless you tell someone about it, they wouldn’t realise it’s not your natural tooth!

If you have some teeth that need to be replaced, we usually recommend that you come in to see us so we can explain all the options available to you. At Crescent Lodge Dental Practice Clapham we believe that nobody should settle for a life with gaps in their smile, so contact us today for a consultation to see how we can restore your smile.