Price list

Our price guide illustrates the fees associated with different dental, orthodontic, cosmetic and facial aesthetic procedures. We provide a written estimate of any proposed treatment following your consultation so you are fully informed at every step.

We take great pride in the quality of care we provide and always seek to allow ample time to ensure we offer a relaxed, enjoyable and unhurried service to our patients.

We accept cash and all major credit cards (except American Express) and we offer interest free credit to help spread the cost of your dental treatment. We also have a range of dental plans should you prefer to budget for your dental care.

OUR PRIVATE TREATMENT FEES ARE CORRECT AS AT 01.04.2017. The adult fees below should be treated as a guide only. Please note there is a fee of £60/h for missed or cancelled appointments with less than 24 hour’s notice. We do not accept cheques.

Dental health assessment £40
Child dental health assessment up to 16 year old £25
Panoral X-ray £40
Small X-ray £10
Preventative and Periodontal
Hygiene visit Standard £60
Hygiene visit Advanced £110
Specialist Periodontal Assessment £230
Tooth Whitening
Power Zoom Whitening £575
Home Whitening £325
Restorations and Fillings
Small tooth coloured £120
Medium tooth coloured £160
Large tooth coloured £200
Crowns and Bridges
Full Porcelain/metal free (Back) £700
(Front) £750
Inlay £700
Veneer £775
Full Gold £725
Porcelain Bonded £675
Bridge Full Porcelain 2 units £1400
Re-cement Crown £50
Re-cement Veneer & Full Ceramic £80
Standard £1900
Advanced £2500
Bone Augmentation £600
Functional Orthopaedic from £1000
Fixed Braces (Damon) from £3500 (Kids)
from £4500 (Adults)
Lingual Braces (Social six) from£2200 (1 Arch)
from £3500 (2 Arch)
Front tooth £475
Re RCT £575
Pre-molar (small back tooth) £475
Molar (large back tooth) £600
RCT Core £120
Full acrylic from £800
Partial acrylic from £550
Precision Metal from £900
Surgical / Extractions
Simple £120
Surgical £195
Upper Wisdom Tooth £200
Lower Wisdom Tooth £300
IV sedation per 30mins £200
Bite guards
Mouth guard £180
Advanced £295
Equilibrated bite splint £550
Essix retainer £75/Jaw
Facial Aesthetic
Wrinkle reduction 1-3 area £210 - £325
Derma Filler £300
Derma Roller £300