Gum Treatments

Gum disease in simplified terms can be classified into two groups. The first is gingivitis, which is inflammation of the gums. This is a reversible condition and in most cases, can be managed by your dentist, often with the support of your hygienist.

The second is periodontitis, which affects the supporting tissues of the teeth. Periodontitis is the major cause of tooth loss in adults and can only get worse without appropriate treatment from a specialist.

Advanced gum disease is relatively common, although its severity varies among individuals. Unfortunately most people do not know they have periodontitis until it has reached an advanced stage and the supporting tissues around the teeth are seriously compromised.

Expert, specialist care

Advanced cases require expert care and specialist periodontists are able to offer procedures that are generally outside the scope and expertise of most dentists and hygienists.

If you have been referred to our specialist periodontist, Dr Styliani (Stella) Kourkouta, then your condition is serious and should not be ignored. Dr Kourkouta has many years’ experience and joined Crescent Lodge Dental Practice SW4 in 2008.

The role of the specialist periodontist is to assess the level of risk, diagnose, and manage cases of periodontitis, aiming to improve the health of the gums and supporting tissues of the teeth, stabilise advanced gum disease and prevent tooth loss. Added benefits, apart from a healthier and cleaner mouth, are prevention of dental decay, due to the improved level of oral hygiene, and fresher breath.

If you are worried that you might have gum disease, please don’t wait for it to get worse. Contact Crescent Lodge Dental Practice London today and book in for a hygiene appointment so we can keep your gums in tiptop shape.

Gum Treatment Reviews

“Sometimes one just knows one is dealing with an outstanding professional and person. Dr Kourkouta is a case in point. I am grateful for the results she has achieved so far and the manner in which she has achieved them.”

“She takes great care to treat you as an individual and understand your experience.”

“She takes a lot of time to assess and monitor your progress and to teach self help.”

“The treatment is as painfree as possible.”

“She explains the options very clearly and is conscious that patients’ financial circumstances have to be taken into account rather than taken for granted.”

“I honestly believe she is a credit to her profession.”

“She saved my lower front teeth and vastly improved my other teeth in terms of bleeding, gum recession and hygiene.”

“I am now free of pain. I have a more positive outlook and take more time and care over cleaning my teeth. She turned around the state of my teeth and my attitude and self esteem.”

“She is highly professional, friendly, reassuring, calm, confident and caring. She combines great skill and personality. She encourages and teaches her patient.”

“She has shown me respect and kindness. She has certainly earned my respect.”

- RM, London

“Excellent care and treatment before, during and after non-surgical periodontal therapy. I now have significantly healthier teeth and an improved understanding of hygiene requirements for ongoing maintenance of this condition. Excellent manner; professional, communicative, open & personable. Nice smile! Stella has done a wonderful job with my teeth without the need for invasive surgery.”

- DM, London

“I would very much like to emphasize how fantastic and truly helpful you have kindly been and that you are a rare, very talented and valuable expert in this specialist area of dentistry. Thank you so much for all your continued brilliance, in taking me through your treatment programme.”

- AB, London