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Crescent Lodge Dental – The advantages of tooth implants

Published . Filed under Clear Braces London, Tooth Implants Clapham, Tooth Implants South West London.

Before tooth implants, the only solution to tooth loss was to have a traditional denture fitted. This would be clipped into the mouth, rest on your gums, or be bonded to adjacent teeth. The traditional dentures would give you replacement teeth and improve the appearance of your smile, but they wouldn’t be without their own problems.

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Crescent Lodge Dental Practice – Why dental veneers?

Published . Filed under Dental Veneers Clapham, Dental Veneers South West London.

Is that crack in your tooth still bothering you when you look in the mirror? Has it got worse? I wonder how bad it has to get before you start considering having  dental veneers fitted. Dental veneers consists of a sliver of porcelain bonded to your tooth by a dentist to effectively mend your tooth. It’ll make your tooth look great, protect your tooth from further damage and give you the confidence to smile again. Just a little word of warning, if you wait too long to restore the crack in your tooth, you risk your tooth becoming more damaged and looking even worse.

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Crescent Lodge Dental – Advantages of Dental Bridges

Published . Filed under Dental Bridges Clapham, Dental Bridges South West London.

Dental bridges bridge the gap in your teeth created by tooth loss. It is a device onto which a replacement tooth or teeth are fixed. In order to give you false teeth with which to eat your food, or help you speak more clearly. Dental Bridges can be anchored onto a gum free of natural teeth using a dental implant at either end. The implant is surgically attached to the jawbone and a crown is added to the top.

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Crescent Lodge Dental – How to stop receding gums

Published . Filed under Receding Gums.

Receding gums happen for a number of reasons and if this recession is stopped early enough you won’t have more serious dental concerns in the future as a result. You might have noticed that your gums have shifted position on your teeth and that more of your teeth can be seen, without even experiencing any of the problems usually caused by gum recession. If that’s the case then it’s still worth booking a check up with our dentist here in Clapham.

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Crescent Lodge Dental Practice – Advantages of using mouthwash

Published . Filed under Dental Hygiene, Hygienist.

Has your dentist advised you in the past to use mouthwash and maintain good dental hygiene, but you never really got round to it? Perhaps you bought a bottle after your appointment with good intentions, used it a couple of times, then forgot why it was important? If this sounds familiar, please be assured that you are not alone. A National Smile Month survey discovered that only 31% of adults in the UK use mouthwash regularly. So, why is it important?

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Crescent Lodge Dental Practice – The advantages of having whiter teeth

Published . Filed under Cosmetic dentistry, Teeth Whitening, Whiter Teeth.

Live in South West London and wondering about the appeal of teeth whitening treatment? Perhaps some of your friends or colleagues have had it done and you can’t see the point? You’d be amazed by some the advantages having whiter teeth, less discoloured teeth can provide. Believe us, when we say that people will notice a difference in your smile and that your refreshed smile can benefit you in a number of ways.

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Crescent Lodge Dental – Why is oral health so important?

Published . Filed under Dental Practice, Oral Health.

When was the last time a dentist examined your mouth? Be honest! National Smile Month announced that letting routine dental check ups slide is not rare. 25% of adults confessed to not having visited the dentist for number of years, yet an oral examination can tell your dentist, or your doctor, a lot about the state of your health. You might also find it interesting to learn, that poor oral health can have grave consequences for your general health. If you’re in Southwest London, you’re welcome to join the Crescent Lodge Dental practice.

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