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Crescent Lodge Dental Practice – Advantages of using mouthwash

Published . Filed under Dental Hygiene, Hygienist.

Has your dentist advised you in the past to use mouthwash and maintain good dental hygiene, but you never really got round to it? Perhaps you bought a bottle after your appointment with good intentions, used it a couple of times, then forgot why it was important? If this sounds familiar, please be assured that you are not alone. A National Smile Month survey discovered that only 31% of adults in the UK use mouthwash regularly. So, why is it important?

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Crescent Lodge Dental Practice – The advantages of having whiter teeth

Published . Filed under Cosmetic dentistry, Teeth Whitening, Whiter Teeth.

Live in South West London and wondering about the appeal of teeth whitening treatment? Perhaps some of your friends or colleagues have had it done and you can’t see the point? You’d be amazed by some the advantages having whiter teeth, less discoloured teeth can provide. Believe us, when we say that people will notice a difference in your smile and that your refreshed smile can benefit you in a number of ways.

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Crescent Lodge Dental – Why is oral health so important?

Published . Filed under Dental Practice, Oral Health.

When was the last time a dentist examined your mouth? Be honest! National Smile Month announced that letting routine dental check ups slide is not rare. 25% of adults confessed to not having visited the dentist for number of years, yet an oral examination can tell your dentist, or your doctor, a lot about the state of your health. You might also find it interesting to learn, that poor oral health can have grave consequences for your general health. If you’re in Southwest London, you’re welcome to join the Crescent Lodge Dental practice.

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Crescent Lodge Dental – The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Published . Filed under Cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the appearance of your teeth and your smile, as opposed to finding a solution for toothache, or maintaining general oral health. The treatments good cosmetic dentists can offer, such as our Southwest London team, will range from tooth whitening and crowns or veneers, to orthodontic straightening and cutting edge replacement teeth in the form of dental implants.

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Restore your smile with dental implants.

Published . Filed under Cosmetic dentistry, Dental Implants.

Have you ever had a tooth fall out, or removed by a dentist at your home in south west London, leaving you with an unsightly gap? What did you do next? Perhaps you opted for a traditional denture, maybe you had a replacement tooth bonded to a tooth on one side of the gap, or maybe you were offered a dental implant? It’s also entirely possible that you did nothing and the gap is still there?

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Improve your smile at Crescent Lodge

Published . Filed under Clear Braces London, Cosmetic dentistry, Dental Crowns, Dental Implants, Dental Practice.

If you live in south west London and you’re unhappy with your smile, you could be causing yourself unnecessary stress and even potentially setting yourself up for heart failure. However, please don’t worry. Our expert team here at the Crescent Lodge Dental Clinic can help restore your smile to its former glory. We provide a full range of cosmetic dental treatments.

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Orthodontics! More than braces.

Published . Filed under Clear Braces London, Invisalign, Orthodontist.

Historians argue that orthodontic treatment dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Catgut was wrapped around the teeth to close gaps. The Romans then later used finger pressure applied to the teeth to move them into better alignment.

You’ll be pleased to hear  braces have evolved dramatically since then. You don’t have spend hours pushing your teeth manually into position! These days, braces are so discreet, it’s difficult to see them, but did you know that braces and the study of orthodontics can help your general health, as well as your smile? Let’s have a look at what your orthodontist can do for you beyond simply fitting your braces.

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Dentist South West London Guide: Good Dental Hygiene

Published . Filed under Hygienist.

Many people feel nervous about going to the dentist and negative portrayals of dentists in films hasn’t helped alleviate peoples’ fears about getting dental treatment. The reality of regular dental checks is that if you have them, then you’re simply preventing future tooth problems and visiting the dentist won’t be a painful experience at all. As good dental hygiene is key in avoiding toothache, we’ve put together some tips to help ensure you keep your teeth and mouth healthy.

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Advantages of Invisalign braces

Published . Filed under Clear Braces London, Invisalign, Orthodontist.

Have you been put off having orthodontic treatment because you don’t want to have a train track running across your teeth? Perhaps you’d love straighter teeth, but having witnessed braces with food caught on them, you’ve decided you’d rather put up with your crooked smile, than suffer the potential social awkwardness caused by fixed braces?

There is another solution. It’s a leading brand in orthodontic braces and over 3 million people have benefited from its discreet look and precise, cutting edge straightening method. The name of this pioneering brand of braces is Invisalign.

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