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Study find that clear aligners such as Invisalign are more beneficial than braces

Published . Filed under Invisalign, Orthodontist.

Although there’s no doubt that clear aligners are an incredibly popular choice for orthodontic treatment these days, much of the evidence about their benefits has been anecdotal rather than clinical. A group of German researchers from Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz set out to change this by carrying out a study titled: Braces versus Invisalign: Gingival parameters and patients’ satisfaction during treatment: A cross-sectional study.

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Why visiting an orthodontist may be a pleasant surprise

Published . Filed under Orthodontist.

If you’re like many adults, you may have a memory from your teens of your family dentist recommending that you have braces. At the time, it may have felt like it wasn’t important or a step too far for your self-conscious teen self. You may even remember the braces that were on offer at the time with a vague sense of horror.

Fortunately, times have changed. Your attitude towards your crooked teeth may have changed too.

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Filling the gap: Single implants vs. dental bridge

Published . Filed under Dental Implants.

If you have a single missing tooth, you may be trying to decide whether to have a dental bridge to fill the gap or to invest in a dental implant.

Historically, a dental bridge has been the most common treatment for the loss of a single tooth and is still popular and effective. However, a significant downside is that, in order to secure a dental bridge, we have to grind down the healthy natural teeth on either side of the gap to support it. Over time, these damaged healthy teeth can become unstable and vulnerable to decay, leading to further problems. Obviously, this isn’t desirable.

Although both dental bridges and dental implants can look very natural, we believe that replacing a missing tooth with a single dental implant has clear advantages.

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Dental implants 101: A quick guide to dental implants

Published . Filed under Dental Implants.

If you have one or missing teeth, you may have been advised – or discovered through your own research – that dental implants are an option for filling the gap and restoring your smile.

The chances are you have questions. Most people do when they’re looking for advice about dental implants in Croydon, London, where Crescent Lodge Dental Practice is located. To help you understand how dental implants work and why they’re seen as the ‘gold standard’ when it comes to tooth replacement, we’ve put together this quick guide.

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Crescent Lodge Dental Practice New Website

Published . Filed under Dental Practice, General.


The launch of the all-new Crescent Lodge Dental Practice website marks a new chapter for our clinic. Don’t worry, we’re staying true to the ethos our patients know and trust and we are as committed as ever to helping patients smile with confidence, and to providing an environment where the emphasis is on your comfort and wellbeing. The new website gives us a fantastic tool to showcase some of our many success stories, and to better communicate with prospective and existing patients.

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