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Here you’ll find a guide to our fees, both for dental and cosmetic treatments at our friendly dental practice in Clapham, London. You’ll be given a written estimate at every step of your journey to keep you informed of costings, and with an expert team on hand to deliver your care, you can rest assured that you’ll have a relaxed, enjoyable experience throughout.

Spread the cost

Taking care of your smile shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why we’ve created a range of dental plans, and offer interest-free credit, helping you with your budget.


So that we can be here when our patients need us, we run a 48 hour-notice period for cancellations. Cancellations outside this period may incur a charge.

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Adult Examination£51
Adult New Patient Examination£61
Child Examination under 16 year old£35
Emergency Visit£77

Dental radiographs

Bite Wings or Periapical£13.50

Hygiene Treatment

Hygiene Visit 30 min£73
Hygiene Visit 40 min£95
Hygiene Visit 60 min£135
Hygiene Visit Child 20 min£48
Hygiene Visit with Air Polisher£140

Periodontal Treatment

Initial therapy£450-1120
Non-Surgical Therapy£400-550
Regenerative Surgery£1210
Respective Surgery£990
Plastic Surgery£1265
Recall Visit£170-£335


Power Zoom£495
Dual-Power Zoom and Home£785

Fillings and Bonding

1 surface (small)£165
2 surface (medium)£231
3 surface (large)£286
Fissure Sealant£40
Deep Margin Elevation£330
Bondable Reinforcement Ribbon£220
White Spots Treatment£325
Composite Veneer£385
Composite Overlay£385


Crown anterior£920
Crown posterior£860
Crown bonded on metal£840
Crown Gold£890
Lab made post£230
Crown Lengthening£176
Re-cement Bonded Crown£80
Re-cement Full Ceramic£93.50

(including implant screw, abutment and crown)

Ceramic SCS£3520
Bone Augmentation£940
Manor Sinus lift£990
Major Sinus Lift£1650

Implant Bridge
(3 units)



Deciduous Tooth£120
Upper Wisdom Tooth£280
Lower Wisdom Tooth£380
Tooth Coronectomy£300
Biopsy of soft tissue£385


Treatment is provided by external sedation consultants and fees are directly paid to the external sedation administrator

Interceptive Orthodontic (children braces/appliances)

Functional Orthopaedic Trainer£550
Twin Block Expander Appliancefrom £1200
Fixed Expander (Hyrax Banded or Bonded)from £1200
Thumb Guard£110

Orthodontics (Fixed Braces)

Analysis and Planning£400
Damon-Childfrom £3750 (depending on time and complexity of a case)
Damon-Adultfrom £4750 (depending on complexity of the case)
Clear Damon Brackets (optional) available at additional£525
Lingual (Social six) Dual£3600
Lingual (Social six) Single£2300
Bite Jumperfrom £550


Removable Dual - Essix£193
Removable Dual - Duratein£264
Fixed - Single£154
Fixed - Dual£264
Removal of fixed retainer£110
Repair (per tooth)£44


Comprehensive (including removable retainer and whitening syringes)£4200
Moderate Dual£3900
Moderate Single£3500
Lite Dual£3450
LIte Single£2700
Express Dual£2000
Express Single£1500
Including removable retainer/s and whitening syringes*
*Terms and conditions apply


Incisor and Premolar£623
Re-endo Incisor and Premolar£743
Re-endo Molar£880
Core Build up following root canal therapy£132

Dentures (single arch)

Full acrylic£1500
Partial acrylic£900
Full crome/paletless£1800
Partial crome/paletless£1500

Bite guards and splints

Soft guard£198
Sport guard£198
Dual Laminate guard£235
Sleepwell silencing guard£605
Bite Splint (Michigan or Tanner)from £660
TMJ (Masseter) Injectable Treatment£435

Facial Aesthetic - Dermal Fillers

Laughter Lines£435
Tear Troughs£655
Marionette Lines£315
Smoker's Lines£385
Jaw Line£825
8 Points Filler Face Lift£1360

Facial Aesthetic - Wrinkle Treatment

1 area£230
2 areas£300
3 areas£360
Nasal Flaring and Drooping£230
Perioral Wrinkles£230
Gummy Smile£215
Nefretiti Neck Lift£435
Excessive Sweating-Hyperhidrosis Underarm Treatment£535
TMJ (Masseter) Injectable Treatment£435

Fat Dissolving Treatment

Fat dissolving treatment
Tackles stubborn excess fat in areas: double chin, under arms, stomach, lower back, thighs
From £250


Treatment areas include: face, neck, décolletage, hand, arm, knees, abdomen
From £395

Smile Plans

Crescent Lodge SmilePlan enables you to spread the cost of essential dental care for you and your family.

Adult 2+2 Smile plan – £22 per month

two dental health assessments a year
all necessary x-rays
two hygiene appointments a year (2 x 30min appointments)
oral hygiene and dental health instructions
10% discount on treatment fees and special credit arrangements to spread the cost of any additional treatments
access to dental emergency services (fees apply)

Adult 1+2 Smile plan – £16.50 per month

one dental health assessments a year
all necessary x-rays
two hygiene appointments a year (2 x 30min appointments)
oral hygiene and dental health instructions
10% discount on treatment fees and special credit arrangements to spread the cost of any additional treatments
access to dental emergency services (fees apply)

This smile plan tier is not applicable to new patients and can only be arranged after having your consultation with your practitioner and oral health is stable’

SmilePlan for children (ages 5-16)  – £7.95 per month
children under 5 – free

We have also designed a plan for children to ensure they receive the dental care they need to provide foundation for strong, healthy adult teeth and gums.

As a part of the children’s plan, they will receive up to two simple cleans from the dentist each year with their dental health assessment. Where a more intensive clean is required, children will be referred to the dental hygienist, which incurs a fee.

In addition to the benefits that you enjoy as a member of SmilePlan, your children will also receive preventative treatment and up to one filling a year where necessary. Children under age of 5 are free*. The plan cost just £7.95 per mouth for children aged 5-16.

*One off joining fee is required at £10.

*3 month notice has to be given to quit.

*One parent or carer must be a member of the plan for children to be eligible.

**If you have any questions about Crescent Lodge SmilePlan please get in touch, our friendly reception team at our dental practice in Clapham Common will be happy to help.

By joining Crescent Lodge SmilePlan you can spread the cost of your care giving you complete piece of mind. If more than one person joins the plan, you are entitled to a group discount. Two people enjoy a 5% discount, 3 people are given 10% off and 4 people or more receive 15%. (Children under 5 do not increase the group discount.)

While we endeavour to provide patients with a courtesy reminder for their appointments, it is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to remember the appointment time. Our practice requires 48 hours’ notice for cancellation of appointments. Failure to give adequate notice may result in a fee charge.