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Root Canal Treatment

At Crescent Lodge Dental Practice, we understand how damaging a single tooth loss can be to your oral health, smile, and confidence. Root canal treatment is a procedure that addresses infection in the tooth’s centre. However, if left unattended, they may migrate into the vacant area left by missing teeth, causing difficulties with our bite.

To book a consultation or to find out more about root canal treatment at our dentist in Clapham Common, London, get in touch with our friendly team by calling 020 7622 5333 or sending an email to reception@dentistsw4.com.

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Root Canal Treatment in London

One method for avoiding the removal of your teeth is root canal treatment, also known as endodontics. This treatment involves the removal of pulp tissues that are at risk of becoming infected or inflamed from the centre of your tooth. The inside of the root is cleaned and filled, in very certain cases time may have to be allowed to settle before filling. At a later appointment at our dentist in Clapham, we’ll check your tooth and once all infection is cleared, your tooth is permanently restored. It may be possible to do both stages in a single visit. A tooth that has been treated through root canal treatment will continue to function normally and can be maintained with routine dental care and oral hygiene measures.

Crescent Lodge Dental Practice Clapham

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Allowing bacteria to penetrate the soft tissues in your tooth can cause inflammation, discomfort, and loss of the supporting bone. It is always advisable to try and avoid this advanced stage of infection. Signs to watch out for include: pain in the tooth; prolonged sensitivity to hot, cold, or sugary foods; discolouration of the tooth; swelling or tenderness of the overlying gums, or a bad taste in the mouth. In some cases, however, there are no symptoms at all. If you suspect an infection, call us as soon as possible on 020 7622 5333, or book via the online form, to arrange an appointment at our dentist in London.

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Crescent Lodge Dental Practice’s endodontists, Joanna Kowalczyk-Laska and Danielle Taylor perform root canal treatment using a special microscope designed specifically for root canal treatment. Along with expertise and advanced equipment, you will receive a local anaesthetic meaning treatment should feel no different from having an ordinary filling. To keep your mouth healthy, we recommend you visit our dentist in Clapham for regular hygiene appointments and dental health assessments.

For more information about root canal treatments in Clapham Common, London or to book a consultation with our root canal treatment experts, please contact us today! Call us on 020 7622 5333, email reception@dentistsw4.com or complete our contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Root canal treatment in Clapham, London involves removing the infected dental pulp from the centre of the affected tooth. Not removing the infected pulp can lead to inflammation, pain, and damage to the surrounding bone.

Several ailments can create openings in your tooth, through which bacteria can enter. Tooth decay, cracks, badly placed fillings, or trauma to the tooth can all leave your teeth open to infection.

All our root canal treatments at our dental practice in Clapham are carried out by our highly experienced Endodontist and are done so under local anaesthetic, ensuring that your discomfort is minimised.

Just as you would a regular tooth – regular brushing and flossing will keep your tooth in great shape.

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