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Crescent Lodge Dental Practice Clapham


It’s perfectly natural to want straighter teeth, but many people are put off traditional teeth straightening methods like fixed braces out of fear that they might look embarrassing or unsightly. Others struggle with the dietary limitations they pose. Here at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice, in Clapham, London, we believe that you should always feel confident with your smile. That’s why we’re very excited that we now offer a completely discreet teeth-straightening option – Invisalign braces.

To book a consultation or to find out more about Invisalign in Clapham, get in touch with our friendly team by calling 020 7622 5333 or sending an email to reception@dentistsw4.com.

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Invisalign in Clapham

Invisalign Braces are clear aligners that are moulded to perfectly fit your teeth. This means that your orthodontic treatment is tailored specifically to you and that wearing your aligners will feel completely comfortable. Invisalign braces in Clapham Common are also easily removable, meaning you’ll be able to take them out to eat and brush your teeth. Unlike with traditional braces, there’ll be no need to restrict your diet by avoiding certain foods!

Crescent Lodge Dental Practice Clapham

“No-one enjoys a visit to the dentist especially if treatment is required but I have been a patient here for more than twenty years and could not have received better care. The reception staff are kind and helpful and welcoming which sets the tone for the whole visit. The dentists, hygienists, and nurses are very skilled and efficient which is comforting to know. I would not hesitate to recommend Crescent Lodge.”

Invisalign Process

The Invisalign treatment process is also incredibly simple. First of all, we’ll take impressions or 3D scan of your teeth at our dental practice in Clapham. These will then be used to create your first instalment of virtually invisible braces. Over the following months, you’ll receive a sequence of updated clear plastic aligners, each slightly different to the last, which will gradually guide your teeth into the desired position. You’ll notice positive results incredibly quickly. In fact, depending on the case, Invisalign treatment can be completed in as little as 9 months!

A Discreet Process

Their discreet nature makes Invisalign braces perfectly suited to adults who might feel embarrassed at the thought of wearing traditional ‘train-track’ braces. Their clear appearance means Invisalign can straighten your child’s teeth without anybody knowing they are undergoing orthodontic treatment. They even come with an inconspicuous blue dot indicator that will allow your dentist to check they’re being worn properly.

Crescent Lodge Dental Practice Clapham

“The service was excellent from consultation stage to being informed about the treatment plan. The staff made me feel comfortable and relaxed whilst carrying out the treatment. Staff were transparent in regards to the timescale of treatment and were able to work towards my required deadline, to which I am extremely pleased. I will definitely recommend Crescent Lodge due to the excellent service I received.”

Start your Invisalign Journey Today

As well as giving you a straighter, more attractive smile, Invisalign braces in Clapham, London, can also promote the health of your teeth. The overlapping surfaces of less uniform teeth are difficult to clean properly and this leaves them prone to the build up of plaque and bacteria. This in turn can lead to decay. Straighter smiles, on the other hand, are much easier to clean, dramatically reducing your risk of dental problems.

Why choose Crescent Lodge Dental Practice?

Here at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice in Clapham Common, London, we’re extremely passionate about the work that we do. We love providing our patients with the perfect solution to their worries. We also endeavour to provide fantastic service to ensure that you enjoy your experience with us, no matter how brief.

Please call 020 7622 5333 for more information about Invisalign in Clapham, visit our contact page to arrange a consultation at our London dental practice. 

Before & After Gallery


Patient with crowding and a deep bite. Treated with Invisalign for 11 months.


Patient with crowding, a deep bite and high upper canines. Treated with Invisalign for 12 months.


Patient with crowding in the upper and lower dentition. Treated with Invisalign for 7 months.


Patient with crowding in the upper and lower dentition. Treated with Invisalign for 8 months.


Patient with crowding and slight deep bite. Treated with Invisalign for 11 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might feel some slight tension during the first few days of wearing a new set of clear braces, but this is a positive sign that indicates your teeth are being pushed into the desired position. This slight discomfort is remarkably less pronounced with Invisalign than the pull and tug of the wires of traditional metal braces.

No. At Crescent Lodge Dental Practice in Clapham, London, accurate impressions are used to create aligners that mould perfectly to your teeth, meaning your Invisalign braces will never fall out while you talk, laugh, or sleep.

This will depend on how good you wish your results to be. We advise wearing your Invisalign braces for at least 20-22 hours a day, removing them only for eating and brushing your teeth. The closer you adhere to this guideline, the sooner brace the treatment will be completed! Your London dentist will guide you through each stage of treatment and answer any questions.

We’ll usually invite you in for an appointment every 4-8 weeks, just to check that your Invisalign treatment is going to plan.

After treatment, It is recommended that a retainer is worn at night. This is essentially a thicker version of your aligners. Just like your aligners, your retainer will be comfortable and long lasting. There are also other types of retainer.

There are three main advantages to Invisalign over traditional braces. Treatment time is faster, the clear braces are removable, allowing you to eat, drink and care for your teeth as normal, and lastly they are more comfortable than traditional metal braces as they do not use brackets or wires.

Invisalign involves using a bespoke set of aligners that gradually move your teeth over time. Each stage of your treatment is mapped out using 3D computer-imaging technology. Every few weeks you’ll receive a new set of clear braces until your teeth are in their desired position.

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