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Crescent Lodge Dental Practice Clapham

Gum & Periodontal Treatment

Looking after your smile is about more than ​just caring for your teeth – your gums also play an important part. The soft tissue that surrounds teeth and bone, it helps protect ​and support the roots of the teeth – and poor gum health and disease can affect your general health. At Crescent Lodge Dental Practice, Clapham, London, our specialist Periodontist, Dr Stella Kourkouta, has been with us for over a decade. With numerous awards to her name, you couldn’t be in better, more capable hands for your treatment.

To book a consultation or to find out more about periodontal treatment in Clapham Common, London, get in touch with our friendly team by calling 020 7622 5333 or sending an email to reception@dentistsw4.com.

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Treating gingivitis

Gingivitis is a condition where your gums tend to become sore, red and swollen ​with increased bleeding​, but it can also go unnoticed. If untreated, it can lead to periodontitis, a more serious and advanced type of gum disease which can affect the tissues that support your teeth. The good news is, gingivitis is a treatable, reversible condition and, in most cases, can be managed by our dental team.

Crescent Lodge Dental Practice Clapham

“Sometimes one just knows one is dealing with an outstanding professional and person.  Dr Kourkouta is a case in point.  She is highly professional, friendly, reassuring, calm, confident and caring.  She combines great skill and personality.

She turned around the state of my teeth and my attitude and self esteem.  She has shown me respect and kindness.  She has certainly earned my respect.  I honestly believe she is a credit to her profession.”

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“I would very much like to emphasize how fantastic and truly helpful you have kindly been and that you are a rare, very talented and valuable expert in this specialist area of dentistry.  Thank you so much for all your continued brilliance.”


“Stella and her team have been fantastic.  Stella’s manner is amazing.  Incredibly reassuring.  Very professional (and so is her nurse!).  I cannot think of a team I would rather entrust my teeth to.  I cannot recommend Stella highly enough.  If you’ve been advised to do this treatment, do it.  It will improve your life.”


“Stella’s gift is her ability to be quite factually blunt about disease issues, while offering kindness and support, communicating a genuine desire to promote my health.  She has taught me how to support her work through dental hygiene – and always offered warmth, support and humour.

I am unbelievably fortunate to be in her care.  I cannot praise too highly the professionalism, expertise, skill and knowledge base of Dr Stella K.  She has been exceptional in her personal relationship with me.”


“I have only good things to say about my experience of periodontal treatment with Stella.  She has turned my experience of being a patient into a pleasure!  Her kind and intelligent manner enables her to work inclusively with her patients.  Her clinical excellence is outstanding, as are the results of her work.

Stella’s warm character is complemented by the excellence of standards she brings to all her work.  She exceeds all my expectations and I recommend her most highly.”


“  Stella is very professional but at the same time has a lovely manner and makes you feel at ease!  I only wish I’d have found her earlier!  I’d just like to say thanks to Stella for being so excellent at what she does and the help she’s given me!”


“Excellent manner; professional, communicative, open & personable.”

Treating periodontitis

Untreated periodontitis can cause damage to the bone that supports the teeth in your jaw, potentially leaving you with loose and missing teeth, receding gums and abscesses.  In fact, it’s the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Advanced cases require specialist care, which is where Dr Kourkouta can help. She can assess the level of risk, diagnose and manage the condition to help stabilise the disease and prevent tooth loss.

To book a consultation or to find out more about periodontal treatment in Clapham Common, London, get in touch with our friendly team by calling 020 7622 5333 or sending an email to reception@dentistsw4.com.

Before & After Gallery


Smile enhancement after removal of soft tissue lump, case by Dr Stella Kourkouta.


Root coverage of upper canine, case by Dr Stella Kourkouta


Root coverage of lower central incisors, case by Dr Stella Kourkouta


Gingival (gum) augmentation of a lower incisor, case by Dr Stella Kourkouta


Root Coverage of lower canine, case by Dr Stella Kourkouta

Frequently Asked Questions

Our expert Periodontist can assess your oral health, help treat concerns and make recommendations for the future. This can help improve your teeth and gum health and give you other benefits such as a brighter smile and fresher breath.

You should be aware that there is a potential association between periodontal disease and general health, for example, heart disease, although it has not been proven yet to be causative.  The same applies to other conditions, such as diabetes, low-birth weight babies, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, pancreatic cancer etc.  The theory is that inflammation in the gums can trigger or promote inflammation in other parts of the body, which can potentially lead to general health problems. In other words, keeping your mouth healthy can potentially help you keep the rest of your body healthy.

At Crescent Lodge Dental Practice in Clapham Common, the aim is to keep the treatment as comfortable and painless as it can possibly be. Some patients prefer to avoid local anaesthetic (injections), but that is definitely an option for most cases in order to keep any intervention within your comfort zone. As we move to maintenance, the idea is to reduce the level of anaesthesia to none in most cases, as the treatment should be much lighter by that stage compared to the beginning.

The cost of the treatment will depend on many factors, but mainly the level of the problem. Costs will be discussed from the outset and will be taken into account when planning treatment to make it as cost-effective as possible. The aim is to give you the best possible value and prevent higher treatment costs in the future. We certainly follow a policy of transparency with costs and aim to discuss openly at all times, if in doubt please ask.

In the absolute majority of cases, the treatment is non-surgical and as minimally invasive as possible. Surgery will only be discussed/suggested in the course of the treatment only if there is a clear benefit to be gained.

At our London dental practice, we’re proud to offer high standards of care, and with Periodontist Dr Kourkouta on our team, you can rest assured that you’re being treated by someone with expert knowledge of gum disease and periodontitis.

Mild cases of gum disease ​can often be improved through good oral hygiene, such as brushing your teeth ​effectively twice a day and flossing ​correctly once a day. For more advanced cases, our London dentist can help.

Regular visits to our dental practice in London are key in helping maintain good oral health. If you have gum disease, or an increased risk of it (for example, you smoke), we recommend that you attend appointments more often.

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