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Crescent Lodge Dental Practice Clapham

Nervous Patients

We are proud to say that the patients we treat from across SW4, Clapham Common, Balham, Clapham, London and South Side always tell us how grateful they are for the extra care we give to our nervous patients.

To book a consultation or to find out more about our dental practice in Clapham Common, London, get in touch with our friendly team by calling 020 7622 5333 or sending an email to reception@dentistsw4.com.

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Nervous Patients in London

Having a fear of the dentist is incredibly common, but can, unfortunately, lead to patients avoiding essential dental health examinations, and only booking an appointment when they are in pain or have a dental emergency. While we understand the anxiety, we don’t wish you to put your dental health at risk! At our dentist for nervous patients, we do all we can to support you and make you feel as confident and comfortable as possible, before and during the treatment.

Crescent Lodge Dental Practice Clapham

“What a difference you have made to my life. I have spent many years avoiding the dentist at all costs. But I can honestly say that your advice, treatment, professionalism and reassurance have transformed how I feel and look. I am so grateful to you and your marvellous team for making my smile so beautiful. You have given me a new found confidence and I can’t thank you enough.”


How We Can Help

If necessary, you are welcome to come and take a look around our dental practice in Clapham Common at a date prior to your appointment. This will allow the nervous dental patient to become acquainted and comfortable with the practice environment. Many members of our lovely team have also been here for years, which mean you are assured of a friendly, familiar face at every visit. Our appointments are never rushed and any treatment is taken only at a speed you are comfortable with.

Reassuring sedation solutions

If required, we also offer reassuring sedation solutions. Intravenous sedation and oral sedation is a very safe and reliable method of controlling dental anxiety and phobia. You will remain conscious throughout your appointment, but many patients do not remember much of a procedure or treatment that may have taken an hour or more! Sedated patients often find that time passes very quickly.

Are you a nervous patient? Call our friendly team here in Clapham, to find out how we can help or join us for a look around our practice to meet our team before your appointment. Call us on 020 7622 5333, email reception@dentistsw4.com or complete our contact form.


Frequently Asked Questions

Very much so. In fact, 1 in 4 people in the UK report feeling anxious about visiting the dentist, and 17% of the population suffers from dental phobia. If you feel nervous about your dentist appointment, you’re not alone!

At Crescent Lodge Dental Practice, your dentist in Clapham, London, will discuss any issues with you, and answer any questions you might have, before treatment. The checkup itself will be carried out at a slow, calming pace, and if you wish, a stop word can be arranged before your checkup that will allow you to stop treatment at any time.

Your first appointment will often simply be an opportunity for us to get to know you. Your appointment will be carried out at a comfortable pace, and together we will try to formulate a plan for helping you to achieve great dental health.

Absolutely! We very much recommend the conversation between you and your dentist is an open and honest one. Voicing your concerns will establish rapport between you and your dentist and allow us to do what we can to address your specific anxieties.

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