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Nasir Javaid


MSc (Rest), BDS, BSc, BA

GDC Number: 252613

I graduated from Barts & The London School of Medicine & Dentistry in 2014. I then trained further for a MSc in Restorative Dentistry at the prestigious Eastman Dental Institute, which has enabled a deeper understanding and grasp of clinical dentistry.

I am privileged to be doing what I love and take great pride in the treatment I provide, right from the examination stage through to post-treatment review to ensure my patients receive the best possible care.

I believe in a minimally invasive approach to dental treatment with the aim of preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible where appropriate, promoting prevention and emulating nature when restoring smiles.

My approach to patient care is simple- take time to listen and understand their needs and concerns. This in return allows me to plan, tailor and deliver the best possible treatment for them.

Away from the clinic and the research journals I enjoy going to the gym, exploring the outdoors (on foot and on my bicycle), travelling and watching football.

Thank you for reading my bio, I look forward to meeting you at Crescent Lodge 🙂

Dr Nasir Javaid Cases

Case 1

Problem: This patient presented after knocking his front tooth and fracturing the edge.
Solution: I repaired it with composite bonding.
Time taken: One appointment
Result: Tooth, smile and confidence restored

Case 2

Problem: This lower back molar had a cavity, which left untreated would’ve caused a lot more pain later.
Solution: I cleaned the cavity, and rebuilt the tooth layer by layer with a bonded composite resin material.
Time taken: One appointment.
Result: A natural looking, but more importantly sealed restoration returning the tooth back to health and better function.

Case 3

Problem: Crowded teeth. The patient also wanted to brighten the shade of the teeth.
Solution: By using Invisalign clear aligners, the crowding was resolved and the smile was enhanced with a touch of whitening at the end, keeping it natural.
Time taken: 6 months
Result: Straighter, brighter looking teeth in a better functional position. Happy patient, happy dentist

Case 4

Problem: This upper back premolar tooth had a very deep decaying cavity (A)
Solution: I cleaned the cavity using a pink dye technique to guide me how deep I can go, ensuring all the edges are completely clean (B). I then rebuilt the back wall (C) and finished the restoration by layering the rest (D).
Time taken: One appointment.
Result: A well sealed filling, restoring the tooth back to its former glory and avoiding the need for further more invasive treatment.

Case 5

Problem: This patient wanted to improve the appearance of the two upper teeth either side of the two middle ones.
Solution: Composite bonding to replace old stained composite on two teeth.
Time taken: One appointment.
Result: The teeth appear a lot more natural and much better integrated into this patient’s lovely smile.

Problem: This upper molar tooth had a few cavity (A)
Solution: I cleaned the cavity and placed some equipment to help me build a wall (B). I then rebuilt the back wall (C) and finished the restoration by layering the rest (D).
Time taken: One appointment.
Result: A natural looking, minimally invasive composite filling. This enabled the tooth to return back to normal and function better.