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Crescent Lodge Dental Practice Clapham

Gummy Smile

Smiles that show off more gum than is attractive can be subtly altered by administering just a touch of Botox. Surgical correction procedures for gummy smiles do exist but offer less predictable results than the more temporary Botox solution.

This is because with Botox injections if you’re not 100% satisfied with the results, your skin care practitioner can target slightly different muscle areas to reduce the appearance of your gums during your top-up appointment. Take control and give yourself the smile you’ve always dreamed of having. You’ll see results just 7-12 days after the treatment.

To find out more about our gummy smile treatment using Botox in Clapham get in touch with our friendly team by calling 020 7622 5333  or by visiting our contact page.

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Step 1

Consultation: Book yourself in for a consultation with our expert skin care practitioner. This initial appointment is a chance to discuss the best treatment plan for you, according to the improvements you’d like to make. Treatment can be provided immediately after the consultation or booked for a later date.

Crescent Lodge Dental Practice Clapham

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Step 2

Treatment: On the day of your appointment, you’ll be made comfortable and an anaesthetic will be applied to the injection area. Botox will be expertly administered in the targeted areas you will have discussed previously with your practitioner. Following treatment, aftercare advice will be provided.

Step 3

It’s time to enjoy your new look. When it’s time for a top-up appointment, the practice will contact you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Revealing more gums when you smile, than is widely believed to be aesthetically pleasing, is the result of muscle overactivity. Botox relaxes the muscles between the upper lip and nose to reduce the amount of gum on display when you smile.

Following the gummy smile treatment, you can expect to smile with confidence. There will be noticeably less gum on display, giving you a more attractive appearance.

Gummy smile treatment is not painful. A tiny amount of Botox will be injected into targeted areas above the upper lip, but to prevent this process from hurting, anaesthetic cream may be applied beforehand.

The results of gummy smile treatment last for 3 to 4 months before beginning to wear off. After this time you can have a top-up treatment to retain your new, more attractive look.

The technical measure of a gummy smile is when more than 4mm of gum is showing. It has no impact on your health. It’s purely an aesthetic problem. Not everyone is looking to correct their gummy smile, but for those who feel their looks could be improved, gummy smile treatment can be life-changing.

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