Crowns & Bridges

“Thank you for my lovely new smile. The difference it has made is amazing - I now like having my photo taken! Thank you for being brilliant and lovely.”

If you would like to restore the function and appearance of your teeth so that you can once again enjoy a healthier-looking, complete smile and teeth that work properly, then the restorative treatments at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice, Clapham Common, could be just the answer.

We have a number of treatments to help your mouth function well again, including dental crowns, dental bridges, dentures and implants.

Dental Crowns are a restorative and cosmetic solution that allow you to eat with ease. Treatment helps repair teeth that have been damaged or lost through decay, or chipped in an accident.

Aesthetic solutions

Dental Crowns, or caps as they are sometimes known, are porcelain or composite covers for damaged or unsightly teeth. They are carefully crafted to look natural and blend in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth and can eliminate dark metallic lines around the gums.

Dental Bridges can be used to permanently fit a replacement tooth or teeth by being carefully attached to adjacent teeth either side of the gap. Some preparation of the tooth is required with both crowns and bridges.

Award-winning dental laboratories

We have a fantastic relationship with London-based Knight Dental Design and Uniqua dental laboratories, both of which have won awards for their craftsmanship, precision of work and attention to detail for each individual client.

Knight Dental Design is a family-run boutique dental laboratory providing aesthetic technical solutions to private dental practices nationwide. It was founded in 1982 and is the proud winner of an unprecedented six UK Dental Laboratory of the Year Awards.

For more information about dental bridges and crowns in London or to book a consultation with our dental experts, please contact us today! Call us on 020 7622 5333, email or complete our contact form.