Sinus lift

Dental implants look, feel and work like your own teeth and are the longest lasting treatment available today for replacing missing teeth. An implant replaces the root of your missing tooth and is used to anchor a crown, bridge or denture firmly in your mouth.

Before an implant can be placed, some patients will require surgical preparation in the upper jaw to ensure there is enough bone tissue into which the implant can be secured.

When the upper jaw has had no teeth for some time, the bone and surrounding tissues begin to recede or disappear. If this occurs, there may not be sufficient levels of dense bone in which to place an implant and you will need to have a sinus lift.

Experienced implant team

A sinus lift is an oral surgery procedure performed in the sinus cavity above the jaw where bone graft material is placed into this space. This is then allowed to form a stable platform for an implant to be placed inside. Once this occurs, your implant is ready to be placed.

Not all implant patients require a sinus lift. Our experienced implant team will be able to determine whether this treatment will be necessary at your implant consultation. Please call us if you would like more information about this procedure.

Interested in implants? You are welcome to join us for a free 20-30 minute implant consultation. We request you bring your latest x-rays along to this appointment. Don’t worry if you don’t have any as we may not need them. If we do, there may be a £40 charge to take x-rays.