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Emergency Dentist Treatment – Broken Tooth

A broken tooth is another common dental trauma that can come as a result of an accident, teeth grinding or eating hard foods. A broken tooth may not seem like an emergency, especially if it is a minor break, but getting an appointment with an emergency dentist in London early means less risk of the problem getting worse and a better chance of a successful restoration result.

If you require an emergency dental appointment with a Dentist in London, get in touch with our friendly team at our Dental practice as soon as possible and call 020 7622 5333 or visit our contact page to book.

*Enquires made on a Saturday will be subject to a maximum 24 hours response time.
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Treatment for broken teeth

At Crescent Lodge Dental Practice we can repair your broken teeth with dental crowns, or ‘caps’ as they are sometimes known. These can restore the functionality of your mouth and you will be able to eat an unrestricted diet without worrying about pain or sensitivity. Our tooth crowns are also crafted by our dentists to fit and blend in with your natural teeth, so they will look and feel like your natural teeth. If you feel you require it, book an emergency appointment with our dentists in London today!

Why you should fix a broken tooth

The sooner you see an emergency dentist in London about your broken tooth, the more likely it will be that it can be treated. Leaving it untreated can make it worse over time, as the tooth will become more and more damaged. Over time it may be more difficult to clean thoroughly, leaving you vulnerable to infection and disease. Book an appointment with our emergency dentist in London so that we can carry out the best treatment for you, whether this is a dental crown to repair your tooth, or an extraction to remove a broken tooth that cannot be fixed and may become a problem in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

As long as your tooth hasn’t cracked or broken beneath the gum line your tooth can usually be fixed. Your emergency dentist in London may use a number of methods to repair a cracked or broken tooth including cosmetic bonding, fillings, a root canal or crown placement. If the tooth cannot be saved, your dentist may suggest an extraction and a dental implant procedure at a later date.

If you have a minor chip in your tooth and it’s not causing any pain, you may not need to book an emergency dentist appointment. However, it is still best to see your dentist as a chipped tooth can worsen over time if left untreated. This may affect the look of your smile if it’s a front tooth and lead to increased sensitivity.

Not getting a broken tooth fixed can lead to the dental pulp inside becoming infected. As soon as you realise your tooth is broken it’s best to book an emergency dentist appointment in London, the sooner you see a dentist the better chance we have of saving your tooth and preventing infection.

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