Oral surgery

“I just want to thank you very much indeed for your skill and kindness. I know the operation was a difficult one and I am very pleased that it seems to be healing well. Thank you so much.”

In addition to everyday dental care, you may sometimes require more advanced dental treatment in the form of oral surgery, which includes procedures such as difficult extractions including decayed or broken teeth that cannot be saved and teeth with tricky curved roots, wisdom tooth removal, bone grafts and implant dentistry.

Oral surgery is a speciality area in dentistry and we are proud to have highly qualified specialist oral surgeon, Dr Andreas Jahnigen, on our team at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice SW4 to deliver these advanced treatments.

As a specialist in oral surgery, Dr Jahnigen provides surgical dental treatments with intravenous sedation, which ensures your comfort and relaxation during the procedures.

You are in safe, gentle hands

With extensive training and years of experience, you can rest assured that you are in safe, gentle hands with Dr Jahnigen should you require any complex dental work.

With state-of-the-art equipment, our team will be able to assess your teeth and mouth and carry out the necessary treatments to the highest standards of care. Prior to treatment you will be advised about what you can expect from the procedure and we will also provide you with any necessary after care instructions to ensure a comfortable and quick recovery.

For more information about oral surgery in London or to book a consultation with our dental experts, please contact us today! Call us on 020 7622 5333, email reception@dentistsw4.com or complete our contact form.