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How we support nervous patients with dental phobia

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20th December 2018

How we support nervous patients with dental phobia

A leading dentistry magazine has claimed that a third of people in the UK have neglected to make a dentist appointment out of a fear of dentists. Dental phobia is a very real phenomenon and one which we here at the Crescent Lodge Dental Practice do not take lightly. But what could missing dental appointments cost you in terms of your dental health?

Most of us are aware that the best way to keep our teeth free from decay is by brushing them twice daily and even if we’re afraid of visiting the dentist, we still manage to do that. However, not all of the food deposits that remain in your mouth after a meal can be removed by brushing alone. This is particularly true for people who have teeth out of alignment, as teeth that aren’t perfectly straight often have hidden, hard-to-reach corners and surfaces that a toothbrush is likely to miss.


What happens if you don’t have regular dentist appointments?

So what happens if you’re inadvertently walking around with food deposits on your teeth that have been missed by your toothbrush and remain undetected by a dentist? The answer is tooth decay, particular if you ever eat products that contain sugar. Sugar reacts with bacteria in the mouth to create acid which attacks tooth enamel and speeds up the tooth decay process.


You’ll also be more prone to gum disease when tartar builds up along the gum line and this condition has been linked to more serious health conditions, such as heart disease, strokes and diabetes if it’s left untreated for a long time.


The fact that all of these unnecessary and painful dental conditions can be avoided by regular visits to a dentist should be enough to make you want to overcome your dental phobia. But, just in case you’re in any doubt, a visit to your dentist for a hygiene check once a year is a much easier appointment, than the one which becomes very necessary when you’re in a lot of pain with a tooth infection, or in desperate need of a filling because you’re neglected the health of your teeth for so long!


Overcoming dental phobia

Our team here have been trained in providing empathetic dental care. We are able to put ourselves in your shoes in order to experience what you’re feeling and, in this way, help you feel more relaxed in the consulting room. We’ll make sure you understand every step of the treatment you need before we administer it and we’ll discuss all dental anaesthetics and dental sedation methods with you beforehand to help you understand that practising pain free dentistry is a priority for us. We simply want you to be comfortable and happy with the situation before we administer any vital dental work. We know dental phobia can feel overwhelming and at times a little embarrassing, but our empathetic care ensures you receive the high-quality service you need.


Your appointments won’t be rushed and we’ll help transform the way in which you feel about dentists. This, in turn, will help your children also realise that visiting the dentist regularly is important and nothing to fear. If you’d like to register with us, please give our reception team a call to book a consultation with us. This will give us a chance to explain to you exactly how our practice works and the services we can offer you.

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