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How to deal with dental phobia

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23rd August 2018

How to deal with dental phobia

Yes, dental phobia is very real. We know dental appointments aren’t the most fist-clenchingly exciting way to spend an hour, but there are plenty of people that actively avoid it because they’re scared. We understand this nervousness, we’ve dedicated a whole page to how we aim to make you more comfortable, but we’d also hate to think that people are missing out on essential dentistry. We want all of our patients to have tip-top dental health, so they can eat, smile, and talk with all of the confidence and comfortability in the world, which is why we make special provisions for those who are a little more nervous. At Crescent Lodge Dental Practice, we support all manner of patients, nervous or not.


Dental phobia is incredibly common

Dental phobia is suffered by 1 in 4 patients, which means that these 1 in 4 people might be living with excruciating tooth pain or something entirely preventable. By skipping the dentist, you’re skipping routine appointments that can decipher warning signs, help maintain your dental health, and prevent the development of something more sinister. If you’ve had a bad experience before, we’re here to set it right.


We won’t overwhelm you

Your first appointment won’t involve all the drills and needles you’ve envisioned in your nightmares. We promise that the first time you visit us will just be a routine check-up, so you and your dentist can become acquainted and form an understanding of your dental needs. No treatment is carried out straight off the bat. Even if you do require a procedure, another consultation will be organised before we even think about introducing you to anything more overwhelming. We start small by dipping your toe into your initial appointment, and anything else is over the horizon until you’re comfortable.


Ask us anything

At these first appointments, you should ask us any questions playing on your mind. Of course, at any other appointment, you’ll always be able to chat to us about your concerns but it’s super important you get everything off your chest when we first meet you. This means we can begin our relationship fully informed and with you as comfortable and as in-the-know as possible. We’ll always be open and honest with you, so if there are questions you have then don’t be afraid to fire away!


Take your time

We know that a dental appointment is a big step for those who suffer with dental phobia, and we don’t take the trust you place in us lightly. Bad experiences in the past with dentists who rush appointments, seem careless, or not invested in your dental health give the rest of us a bad name. At Crescent Lodge Dental Practice, we’ll never put pressure on you to commit to a treatment you’re not comfortable with, and we’ll never rush your appointment. We know that security is important to our patients, so we would never make you feel uncomfortable.


Stop signals in treatment

Communication is key, so if at any point you’d like to stop treatment and take a little break, you can of course do this. We’ll work out a ‘stop’ signal together, so if at any point it becomes a bit much then you can raise your hand and we’ll step back. We can even offer sedation options for if you decide to undergo treatment with us, and our specialist staff will help you through.


Nervous patients and those who experience dental phobia are welcome at our dental practice. Call 020 7622 5333 or enquire online today to book your first appointment.

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