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Nadia Riveros


BDS (Lond), MJDF RCS (Eng)

GDC Number: 272174

I qualified from Barts and The London and over the years I have worked in practices around Brighton, Surrey and London.

The world of dentistry is forever evolving so I am constantly updating my skillsets in order to practice the latest and newest techniques. This way I can be confident that my patients are getting the best and most concurrent treatment from me.
I am currently studying for a Diploma in Aesthetics and Restorative Dentistry. Prior to this, I completed a Post Graduate Certificate and The Royal College of Surgeons prestigious MJDF exam.

I care about my patient’s first and foremost and want to make their experience positive, comfortable and pain-free – so they always leave the practice smiling (even if it is behind a mask)!

I am great with children and anxious patients in particular. I have developed a lot of relaxation and calming techniques through practising yoga and meditation myself, and I have found these to work very well in reducing stress and anxiety in the dental chair.

I am very enthusiastic about dentistry; I genuinely love my job! If you were to ask me where my interests lie, I would probably have to say composite bonding, tooth whitening, smile makeovers and minimal preparation veneers. I want my patients to be able to smile with confidence and feel good about their teeth. I enjoy creating natural smiles for my patients however there is something to be said for the wow factor a ‘Hollywood’ smile can give.

Another area where my passion lies is biomimetic dentistry, this is where materials are layered to mimic the natural structure of a tooth. I always try to save teeth which are very broken down or decayed using deep margin elevation techniques which you can see in my cases below.

I love keeping busy and sometimes struggle to sit still. I love helping people and volunteering. During Covid, I helped out with the NHS 111 service and set up a cooked meal charity for vulnerable people isolating. I otherwise enjoy painting, mixed martial arts, fencing and Spanish guitar. I also love animals and I have two cats called Gato and Azul.

Dr Nadia Riveros Cases

Cases of veneers

This lovely patient came to see me for an emergency appointment. He had fractured an old veneer and it had become so sensitive that it had to be covered with red wax. The patient had never been happy with his veneers, he did not like the colour or dark bands that had appeared around his gums. He also thought they were too short in comparison to his other teeth. The old veneers were removed painlessly and new veneers were made to match the patient’s teeth perfectly. The patient was very happy with the result.

Cases of Composite Bonding

Before and after image of the removal of a filling and filling it with a white layered composite material which gives a natural look.

Cases of Broken Teeth

Cases of Crown & Bridges

Patient Case

This patient came to see me with missing teeth. He was never happy wearing his denture and wanted to opt for something fixed, but minimally invasive. I made two bonded bridges to replace the spaces. The teeth did not required any drilling, the whole procedure was completely pain free. The bridges were bonded with a special dental glue to the back of his upper teeth. They looked very natural and blending in nicely with the resto of his teeth.