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Dental Health Advice from your London Dentist

9th June 2019 By: admin Hygiene Dental Practice London

A busy lifestyle might mean that you sometimes neglect to brush your teeth at night, but we’re here to assure you it’s absolutely necessary! To help you maintain the best dental health, your London dentist (that’s us) has put together some dentalRead More

Help! How to treat a chipped tooth

9th April 2019 By: admin Woman with chipped teeth at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice in Clapham Common, London

Accidents and traumas happen to us all. Whether it was a fall or a trip after one too many, a sports injury, or just an honest and unforeseen accident, a chipped tooth is a nightmare. Why does it sting, isn’t it justRead More

Spot the signs of mouth cancer

23rd November 2018 By: admin how to spot the signs of mouth cancer- Clapham, London

November is Mouth Cancer Action Month, and as dental professionals we feel a responsibility to share with you how to keep yourself safe and informed. We don’t just look after your teeth and gums, but we also keep a keen eye outRead More