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What Can An Emergency Dentist in London Fix?

7th March 2023 By: admin child having a dental emergency checkup at Crescent Lodge in Clapham, London

Emergency treatment doesn’t need to feel daunting or scary. After all, at our Clapham dental practice, we’ve really seen it all – from missing teeth to severe infections. Today, we’ll explain what happens when you book an emergency dental appointment at ourRead More

What Is A Dental Emergency?

26th May 2022 By: admin Elderly man in discomfort holding his mouth

If you’re concerned about whether a dental problem is an emergency, or you want to find out more about what counts as a dental emergency, then read on – today’s blog post is all about how to spot an emergency, what toRead More

What to Do If You Need an Emergency Dental Appointment

29th October 2021 By: admin

Have you suffered an accident, and lost a tooth? Is an abscess or infection causing you severe pain and discomfort? Do you have a loose, cracked or chipped tooth or filling? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it’s timeRead More

Should You Book An Emergency Dentist Appointment?

22nd September 2021 By: admin Crescent Lodge Dental Practice in Clapham Common, London

When it comes to your mouth, teeth and gums, you need the very best care. While this is usually a case of following good oral health practices and attending regular dental check-ups here with our London dentists, it’s also about looking afterRead More

When To Get An Emergency Dentist Appointment in London

13th April 2021 By: admin Woman wearing braces holding her face whilst smiling

Accidents and emergencies – sometimes, they seem entirely unavoidable. But what can you do if an emergency situation occurs? How do you know whether your problem is an emergency? And when should you book in with an emergency dentist in London? We’llRead More

How Does An Emergency Dentist Work?

10th February 2021 By: admin Crescent Lodge Dental Practice in Clapham Common, London

As one of the leading private dental practices in London, we’re experienced at handling all kinds of dental situations – from routine check-ups to emergency dentist appointments. In this post, our team of dentists will talk about what’s involved during an emergencyRead More

How Much Does An Emergency Dentist Cost?

14th December 2020 By: admin emergency dentist at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice in Clapham Common, London

There are few things in life more frightening than a dental emergency – whether losing a tooth, damaging a tooth or dealing with pain or swelling. Thankfully, our expert emergency dentist in London can step in if and when an emergency doesRead More

5 Reasons To Choose Our Emergency Dentist in London

29th May 2020 By: admin Emergency Dental Appointment

When it comes to booking an emergency dentist appointment in London, we always advise our patients to get in touch as quickly as possible. There are lots of reasons to choose us for your emergency dentist – not least because we’re dedicatedRead More

Don’t delay – see an emergency dentist today

7th November 2019 By: admin A woman receiving an emergency dentist appointment in London

At Crescent Lodge Dental Practice, one of the largest dental practices in London, we pride ourselves on our range of treatments, award-winning service and dedicated team. We understand that sometimes, emergencies happen – and we want to be the emergency dentist forRead More

Emergency dentist appointments – What you need to know

10th September 2019 By: admin Emergency Dentist London

An emergency dentist appointment in London is a consultation with your dentist booked at short notice to help with a serious oral health problem. This could be on account of trauma, sensitivity issues, toothache or infection. Crescent Lodge Dental Practice in ClaphamRead More

When to visit an Emergency Dentist in London

20th June 2019 By: admin Dental Practice in London

Do you when the right time is to book an emergency dentist appointment? Do you have to be missing a tooth, or can you receive care for something less drastic? The team at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice are going to give youRead More

How to get an Emergency Dentist Appointment in London

23rd May 2019 By: admin Emergency Dental Appointment | Dental Practice | London

Life can be unpredictable, resulting in the need for an emergency dentist appointment in London. Maybe it was a stumble on a night out, a sports injury, or just an unfortunate slip-up during your day to day life, but accident and injuryRead More