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Top Tips for Oral Hygiene

12th April 2023 By: admin Different types of toothbrushes lined up in Clapham dental practice

Caring for your smile doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, our dentists in Clapham Common can help you with exactly that. With specialist care, top-of-the-rage treatments and expert advice, we can keep your smile shining – and you smiling. Find outRead More

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

26th October 2018 By: admin man touching his cheek in need of a root canal

If your first thought regarding root canal treatment is that it’s unbearably painful, stick with us. You might be surprised. We’re going to explain to you everything you need to know about root canal treatment, what the signs are you might needRead More

Are teeth grinding causing my headaches?

20th July 2018 By: admin Treating teeth grinding in Clapham

Have you ever had a headache that seems to come from nowhere, or occur for no discernible reason? You’re not ill, you’re not dehydrated, and you’re not recovering from a party or social event, so why is your head hurting? There areRead More