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December 2021 Monthly Archives

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Dental Fillings: Silver vs White

22nd December 2021 By: admin woman at the dentist receiving fillers at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice. silver fillings white fillings

Looking to see the answer to silver fillings vs white fillings? Our latest blog answers some of your burning questions, so you can decide between silver or white fillings. What are fillings? Fillings do what it says on the tin – theyRead More

Does Botox Make You Look Older When It Wears Off?

22nd December 2021 By: admin shows a Woman checking her lack of wrinkles in the mirror - Botox london

We’re jumping straight into the questions in today’s blog post, so let’s take a look at Botox, and why people are concerned about their appearance once this transformational injectable wears off. We’ll first explain a bit about what Botox is and howRead More