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'Dental Veneers' Category Archives

Help! How to treat a chipped tooth

Published . Filed under Dental Health, Dental Veneers.

Accidents and traumas happen to us all. Whether it was a fall or a trip after one too many, a sports injury, or just an honest and unforeseen accident, a chipped tooth is a nightmare. Why does it sting, isn’t it just a tooth? And how on earth do you fix it? Don’t worry, we’re […]


Advantages of Dental Veneers

Published . Filed under Dental Veneers.

You’d be surprised how many people in Clapham would benefit from a dental veneer! Perhaps your front tooth is still chipped from that time at school when one of the other kids damaged it by accident, or maybe you cracked it ill advisedly trying to open a bottle with your teeth that time? Dental chips, […]