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September 2018 Monthly Archives

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What is Dermaroller treatment?

18th September 2018 By: admin woman with dermaroller microneedling in Clapham, London

We may be a dental practice full of impeccable dentists in South-West London, but we’re so much more than that too. We’re dental implant specialists, we’re dental hygienists, and we’re also trained in the administration of facial aesthetics. We’ve explored the factRead More

The best foods for white teeth

12th September 2018 By: admin a woman smiling with white teeth in a yellow top eating a bowl of strawberries

If you are what you eat, then so are your teeth! There’s so much more to effective dental hygiene and white teeth than just brushing, flossing, and professional treatments. These are great, but it’s important to carry forward the same effort weRead More