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Cosmetic treatments available at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice.

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8th June 2016

Cosmetic treatments available at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice.

Ever wondered why everyone walking past you on the streets of South West London appears to have perfect teeth? They can’t all be naturally beautiful, can they? The short answer is no! Your neighbours were not all blessed at birth with a perfectly straight smile. They simply have a better dentist! Cosmetic dental treatments in this part of London have become increasingly popular in recent years. So if you haven’t yet joined the Crescent Dental practice, you’re in danger of being left behind.

Affordable, easy to implement and with customer satisfaction guaranteed, Crescent Lodge Dental offers a huge range of different procedures to help you make the most of your appearance. Has that stain on your teeth been bothering you recently? Or perhaps the fact that your front teeth stick out or overlap is getting you down? Both of these problems are easily corrected. You simply have to give us a call. Let’s take a look in detail at the cosmetic treatments we offer:

Teeth whitening in Clapham, London

Having your teeth whitened professionally by our expert team is a very different experience from using our home whitening kits. But with either one of those solutions, your teeth will be cleaned by our hygienists first, to ensure that you’ll achieve the best possible results.

If your teeth are stained before the teeth whitening process, we’ll be able to determine whether the discolouration is caused by the consumption of drinks like tea, coffee and wine, or whether you have an underlying health issue that you didn’t realise you had. Before you begin your treatment to a whiter smile, you’ll want to get checked out, the dentist can then supply you with your whitening kit or see you at our dental practice in Clapham. 

The full treatment is more relaxing. You won’t have to fiddle about with the mouth trays yourself and you can listen to your music while we do it, but it’s your choice. If you feel more comfortable whitening in the comfort of your own home, we can make it happen. Following whitening treatment, your teeth will be naturally brighter.

Crowns, implants, bridges and veneers

We provide natural-looking false teeth and instant orthodontic solutions to a number of unsightly mouth issues. Cracked or discoloured teeth will benefit from our porcelain veneers. This is because our veneers are professional bonded to the surface of the tooth or teeth that need attention. Your smile will be instantly and dramatically improved.

Dental implants in London will not only dramatically change the way you look, but they can also prevent your facial muscles from sagging and your profile from ageing prematurely, as this can be an effect missing teeth may have on how you look.

Orthodontic braces for straightening your teeth

Teenagers no longer have the monopoly on the braces market. Give the fact that modern braces are so discreet and few people are likely to notice you’re even wearing them, many adults are now choosing to straighten their teeth. Here at our south west London clinic, we offer a number of different options; clear aligners that fit over the teeth and can be removed at mealtimes, Damon clear braces, which use tooth coloured wires and brackets, lingual braces that fit on the inside of your teeth and can’t be seen at all, as well as the traditional metal braces, which provide a cost effective, gentle option.

Book your cosmetic treatments today!

If a treatment that we offer at our dental practice in clapham is appealing to you, please get in touch with one of our lovely members of staff. They will be able to answer any queries you have and book your cosmetic treatments in for a time that suits you.

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