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Don’t delay – see an emergency dentist today!

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7th November 2019

Don’t delay – see an emergency dentist today!

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At Crescent Lodge Dental Practice, one of the largest dental practices in London, we pride ourselves on our range of treatments, award-winning service and dedicated team. We understand that sometimes, emergencies happen – and we want to be the emergency dentist for you when that happens, giving you the urgent dental care that you need. That’s why we always aim to offer same-day emergency dentist appointments in London.

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What emergencies do you treat?

There are lots of reasons why you may need an emergency dentist appointment in London, such as toothaches, sensitivity, infection or trauma.

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How do I know I need to see an emergency dentist in London?

There are many signs that there could be a problem that requires booking an emergency dentist appointment for urgent treatment. The main ones include:

Trauma – this is where your teeth are knocked. Signs normally include heavy bleeding, missing/loose/fractured teeth, and bruising/swelling. You may also have wounds to areas of your face, e.g. cheeks.

Toothache – typically felt in the tooth or jaw, with severe pain that can’t be eased with painkillers alone. You could have tooth decay, loose/broken fillings, receding gums, cracked teeth or infection.

Infection – an abscess caused by trauma, gum disease or tooth decay, resulting in toothache, swelling, sensitivity and bad smelling/tasting discharge.

Damaged appliances and restoration – including loose or detached crown or bridge, brace, or orthodontic appliance, as well as missing fillings.An infographic of what qualifies as a dental emergency.Blue line on the page to separate the page.

Should I go to Accident & Emergency?

There are some situations where your care might require a visit to A&E. Signs of this include extreme pain, drastic injuries to surrounding areas such as the nose or mouth, and uncontrollable bleeding. If in doubt, always seek emergency care.

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When should I book in with an emergency dentist?

In any of these cases, the sooner you can seek treatment, the better the outcome. Booking your emergency dentist appointment in London early could help prevent infections from spreading in your mouth, and in cases of missing teeth, could prevent you from having implants or dentures.

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What type of emergency appointments do you offer?

We understand that emergencies can happen at any time and that you might need an emergency dentist in London at short notice. That’s why we offer flexible opening hours, with appointments available to suit you – including Saturdays and late evenings.

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What will happen in my emergency dentist appointment?

This really depends on the type and severity of the problem. We aim to treat the immediate area with a temporary solution and pain relief first, and then either book a second appointment with you or refer you to specialist services if needed.

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How do I book an emergency dentist in London?

Book an appointment in London by calling 020 7622 5333, or call 111 for guidance if you’re unsure about the severity of your condition.
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