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How soon should your child see an orthodontist?

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14th March 2016

How soon should your child see an orthodontist?

Many people believe that teeth straightening orthodontic treatment cannot take place until a child has lost all their milk teeth and their adult teeth have developed. Parents may feel that they need to wait and see what their child’s ‘finished’ smile looks like before they seek advice about braces for their youngster.

There is a growing body of research to suggest that early intervention and orthodontic treatment for children as young as six or seven may shorten future treatment times and simplify the procedures young people need as teens.

Orthodontist braces for children

Three out of four children have crowded teeth and incorrectly developing jaws. These problems can be seen from as early as five years of age. Modern research has shown that big teeth may not necessarily cause crowded teeth, incorrect jaw development, and other common orthodontic problems in small jaws or hereditary factors. They may also be the result of habits such as mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, and reverse swallowing.

Early intervention means that we have a chance to help your child correct the habits that may be damaging their bite before they become too deeply entrenched. We can also take advantage of the fact that your child’s jaw is still growing and identify the steps that we can take to help their teeth emerge in a better position.

While we may not be able to prevent your child from having to wear braces at some point, we can certainly help to manage problems and stop them from escalating at the rate they would uncheck.

Some orthodontists don’t have the training or experience to confidently take on early intervention cases, so it’s important to ask your dentist about their training and expertise in this area.

Because we offer specialist orthodontist services, such as early invention orthopaedic therapy, alongside general dental services here at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice, we are ideally placed to spot orthodontic issues as they emerge and counsel parents and their children about the best course of action for their long-term oral health and overall wellbeing.

In other words, if your child has started to lose their milk teeth, it’s never too soon to seek the advice of an orthodontist.

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