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What’s The Ideal Age For My Child To Get Braces

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8th November 2022

What’s The Ideal Age For My Child To Get Braces

At our London dental practice, one question that always arises is ‘what is the ideal age for my child to get braces?’. Our team of exceptional dentists, who help patients of all ages achieve a healthy, happy smile, are here today to help answer the question. One of the areas we’re especially skilled in is orthodontics, where we can use braces to correct concerns with the alignment of the teeth.

While adult braces are hugely popular, there are lots of benefits to having braces at a younger age. And many people are surprised that we can offer braces for children and teenagers at our London dental practice. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss why kids should have braces, which options they can try, the ideal age to start treatment and some general advice for parents.


So, when should my child have braces?

As there isn’t one set ideal age for child braces, dentists and orthodontists can vary in their opinion on this, but a good guide is in early teenage hood, between 12 and 13 years of age. At this age, kids are learning to be more independent and getting more familiar with how to keep on top of their oral care, but their jaw and teeth are still growing.


What if they still have baby teeth?

Your child generally needs to have lost all their baby teeth to have braces, however in some people, there isn’t an adult tooth waiting to come through. This is a condition called hypodontia, and as many as 1/5th of the adult population has at least one permanent tooth missing entirely.


What type of brace should I consider?

As there are so many different types of braces, the choice depends on your budget, timescale and how mature your child is. While fixed braces are a sensible option as they are permanently in the mouth, removable braces like Invisalign can give your child some flexibility and more responsibility over their smile. Our orthodontists might also advise you on a particular type of brace to try.


Why do kids need braces?

If you don’t treat concerns with a smile, your child could need more extensive treatment in later life. It’s also possible that they have a problem that could get worse over time, for example, bite problems can lead to tooth wear and TMJ.


Can I get braces on the NHS?

Our private dental practice offers patients of all ages a high-quality treatment delivered by specialists with years of experience. While the NHS can offer braces, they might not be the right choice for your child, and some types aren’t available. NHS treatment can also often come with waiting lists and other problems, so having your braces privately could actually speed up treatment. If you want to enquire about our braces, just speak to our experts today.