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Restore Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

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19th July 2017

Restore Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

When you are missing teeth, having a smiling picture taken can be daunting. Have you lost a tooth due to enamel erosion, cracking or possibly an accident? Do you take measures to hide your smile? Don’t feel that you have to accept your missing tooth and carry on with daily life despite the discomfort. At Crescent Lodge Dental Practice, we have extensive experience in restorative dentistry and always work to give our patients the confidence of a beautiful smile. We recommend Dental Implants in London as a solution; but what are they – and are they right for you?

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants have been used by dentists for over 40 years, and are medically recognised as a reliable and safe resolution to missing teeth. Dental implants are the closest alternative to a natural tooth. Typically crafted from titanium, a screw is designed to connect to the jaw bone to replace the root of a failing tooth. They provide a strong, durable foundation for artificial teeth. Dentures and dental bridges are connected directly to implants creating a more natural feel than traditional bridges and dentures; massively reducing issues with speech and eating.

Are Dental Implants a Permanent Solution?

Dental Implants in London can be trusted as a long-term solution to tooth loss, and patients should view them in the same respect as their natural teeth when it comes to maintenance. Regular cleaning and attendance at maintenance appointments will have a profound effect on the longevity of your treatment. With attentive care, these implants can last for many years – but as with any surgical implant, there is no lifetime guarantee.

If patients neglect their implants, a bacterial coating can grow and if overlooked, this can evolve into gum infection, bleeding, and day to day discomfort and stress – similar to issues with natural teeth.

My Missing Tooth Does Not Bother Me, is a Dental Implant Necessary?

When you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth have to adapt to cope with the increased pressure and stress. This can make your teeth vulnerable to cracking, cavities and infection. Many patients with back tooth loss, adjust their bite by only chewing on one side; causing jaw and bone muscles to weaken. Like the rest of our body, our jaw bone is kept healthy and competent through exercise. When we neglect the jaw, even on one side, inner bone and connective tissue become fragile.
Teeth support each other and prevent surrounding teeth from moving apart. When one is lost, they begin to drift away causing misalignment and further sensitivity. Implants work as a duplicate to natural teeth and restore the tender balance of a patient’s dental structure.
Therefore, it is important to take action to keep dental structure and hygiene intact.

Am I Too Old For Dental Implants?

Here at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice in London, we are proud to offer Dental Implants in London to patients of any age, depending on medical fitness. It is possible to insert the dental implants the moment that the jaw stops growing, but in younger patients, treatment can only begin once the jaw bone is completely developed.

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