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What Are My Options For Invisible Braces?

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3rd August 2022

What Are My Options For Invisible Braces?

Options For Invisible Braces

For many of us, our teeth are one of the most important aspects of our appearance. After all, a straight, white and sparkling clean smile can look friendly, confident and healthy.  When it comes to straightening your teeth, we can help. Our dentists – based right here in Clapham Common – can talk you through your invisalign brace options, and give you the smile you deserve. Find out a bit more about invisible braces in today’s post.

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Invisalign braces

One of the leading options for a straighter smile, millions of people (and celebrities!) all around the world use Invisalign braces. It’s known for being predictable and comfortable, as well as super discreet – thanks to the clear plastic trays that fit over your teeth. We can happily set up an Invisalign consultation here at our Clapham Common dental practice if this is the option you’re interested in.

Damon braces

Although not ‘invisible’ like some of our orthodontic treatments, fixed Damon braces are still a great choice for straighter teeth because they’re considered low visibility. This is because they can use tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets to gently move your teeth into their new positions. Damon is a lot more modern than the ‘train track’ orthodontics of the past, and a popular choice.

Lingual braces

Imagine if your braces could be fixed to the back of your teeth, instead of the front. That’s exactly how our lingual braces work. Lingual braces typically straighten the ‘social six’ teeth – the teeth front and centre of the mouth – and can have a quick treatment timescale when compared to other options. Being placed behind the teeth makes them much more tricky to spot, too.

Anything else?

Before choosing your smile, it’s important to know that we offer patient consultations here in Clapham Common. We believe that to get the best results, you need the best advice – which will lead to you making the right choice for you and your smile. After all, it’s no use having a Invisalign brace if you’ll forget to wear them, or fixed braces if you want flexibility. Talk to our team, and we’ll arrange a braces consultation to discuss your options.

Chat with us today

For all the details on making a booking, appointment or consultation, visit our contact page today and get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you soon and starting your straight smile journey – together.

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