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What Is A Dental Emergency?

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26th May 2022

What Is A Dental Emergency?

If you’re concerned about whether a dental problem is an emergency, or you want to find out more about what counts as a dental emergency, then read on – today’s blog post is all about how to spot an emergency, what to do, what treatments are on offer and what costs you need to know about. Here in Clapham Common, our top dentists are always on hand to help if an emergency strikes – as well as for your routine and cosmetic care. If you are in doubt, book an emergency appointment with us on 020 76225333Blue line on the page to separate the page.

Is it an emergency?

The first thing you need to know is how dental emergencies are classified. It’s essentially when you need immediate care because of pain, bleeding, trauma and damage to the mouth, teeth or gums.Blue line on the page to separate the page.

What are some common dental emergencies?

There are lots of concerns that can constitute a dental emergency. These include:

Pain: Whether in a tooth (or teeth) or more widely in the jaw, caused by either accident or concern like an abscess or infection. There may also be evidence of swelling, fever (indicating infection) or even problems with swallowing.

Trauma: Dental trauma is a wide category, but consists of injury to the mouth, as well as teeth, lips, jaw, gums and tongue. Dental traumas are very painful and should be treated as soon as possible. One of the most common dental traumas is a damaged or missing tooth, often caused by contact sports.

Bleeding: This might be due to something like periodontitis (excessive bleeding and aching of the gums, or gum disease) or an injury to the soft tissues of the mouth.

Damage: You might have a cracked or broken tooth or even a missing tooth. If you have a veneer or crown that’s damaged and causing pain or bleeding, this would also count.

Infographics of the most common signs of what a dental emergency is. Showing pain, bleeding, tooth damage, and trauma.

Bear in mind that in severe cases of injury or infection, you may need to be referred to a medical expert (for example, if you break your jaw).blue line on a blog post of "What Is A Dental Emergency"

What do I do in a dental emergency?

Talk to our team in Clapham Common as soon as possible. We offer early morning, late evening and Saturday emergency dentist appointments and will arrange to see you as quickly as we can. We will aim to get the problem under control as quickly as possible and ensure you’re comfortable, though for some treatments we may need to book follow-ups.blue line on a blog post of "What Is A Dental Emergency"

What treatments can you do?

X-rays, extractions, tooth repairs, general advice and even prescribing medicines if needed.blue line on a blog post of "What Is A Dental Emergency"

How much does an emergency dentist cost?

At the time of writing (May 2022), our charge is £70 minimum. If there are additional costs, we’ll make you aware of these at the time. Bear in mind that our prices are subject to change at any time.Blue line on the page to separate the page.

How do I book an emergency dental appointment?

Get in contact with our London dental practice as soon as possible! Our dedicated team at Crescent Lodge Dental is here to provide immediate, high-quality care for all your urgent dental needs so do not hesitate to contact us!