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Why Should I Go To A Dentist To Get My Teeth Whitened?

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8th December 2022

Why Should I Go To A Dentist To Get My Teeth Whitened?

If you’re considering teeth whitening, you’ll want to weigh up your options – and make a decision that feels right. Today, we’re looking at why it’s better to go to a dentist to get your teeth whitened – and what the risks might be if you don’t.


Expert treatment

Our experienced dental practitioners carry out treatment here in the heart of London, and we may also recommend a session with your dental hygienist to ensure teeth are as clean as possible for the brightest results. You must be on the dental register (GDC) to offer treatment, so don’t be tempted to have teeth whitening at a beauty clinic or salon unless the person is qualified.


Cutting-edge brands

We perform teeth whitening in-house with our Zoom! treatment. This involves having impressions taken of your mouth then, creating a special dental guard, and a powerful laser directed on your smile. Alternatively, you can choose our at-home kit. Again, you’ll have impressions taken and a special tray made for your teeth, but you’ll carry out teeth whitening at home using a special gel.


Safe and effective treatment

Going to the dentist for teeth whitening fundamentally means you are in safe hands as trained professionals are administering treatment. Carried out by our Clapham dentists, our treatments are safe and effective, with teeth whitening being the least-invasive cosmetic treatment we offer here in London. Using products that you’ve bought online could mean you’re exposing yourself to harsh chemicals that could cause pain or harm. Or on the other end of the scale, it could not have enough whitening agents in to brighten your smile. With us, safety is guaranteed.


Simple to top-up

Whenever your smile needs a boost, after your treatment, just use our at-home gels to have your smile gleaming again. Our teeth whitening treatment really couldn’t be any easier.


Free Consultation

Not everyone will feel teeth whitening is right for them. Or, they may only have a few discoloured teeth, meaning a different treatment might be more appropriate. That’s why we offer an in-depth, personal consultation – so you can ask your questions, and we can assess your smile. Once we know what you expect from your results and what your concerns are, we can advise you on the right treatment for you and your smile.


Book your teeth whitening treatment in London

At our dental practice in London, teeth whitening is a simple process and gives your smile long-lasting brightness and shine. It’s also cost-effective, too. Make an enquiry today by visiting our booking page or giving our friendly receptionists a call. We’d be happy to help.