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Why You Should Use White Fillings To Restore Your Damaged Tooth

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20th April 2022

Why You Should Use White Fillings To Restore Your Damaged Tooth

Whatever the reason for damage to your tooth, don’t worry: our expert dentists here in Clapham Common can help. We’re used to seeing smiles of all shapes, sizes and conditions here in London and do our best to create a happy, healthy result for all of our patients. We’ll invite you to a consultation, assess your smile without judgement, and recommend the right option to restore your confidence with white fillings, sometimes boosting your oral health and the appearance of your smile along the way.

Today, it’s not just damaged teeth we’re talking about, but our revolutionary white fillings treatment. Here are 5 reasons why you might need white fillings and how they can transform your smile (and your self-esteem).

An infographic showing white fillings at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice.

  1. Use on any tooth

You might think that white fillings are purely for cosmetic purposes, and the more durable chewing teeth at the back of your mouth won’t work with them. But in reality, we use white fillings on any tooth in the mouth – provided there’s enough of the structure left to work with. As you might be aware, in some cases, the targeted tooth may not be possible to save.

  1. An alternative to veneers

Composite fillings are ideal for teeth that need covering due to discolouration, minor chips, and cosmetic cracks or fractures. There’s less preparation needed to place them and they can be moulded to your tooth (and matched to the right shade) for that perfect fit.

  1. A natural result

Many patients worry that fillings will be evident in their mouths, affecting their smiles and confidence. But, composite fillings are extremely discreet, and painstakingly matched to your surrounding teeth for a seamless result. They’re also far less noticeable than the dull grey colour of metal amalgam fillings.

  1. Strength and support for your tooth

Despite its reputation as a more cosmetic-based treatment, white fillings provide support to the teeth, especially those weakened by decay. The composite material can fill holes for a smooth, realistic result and extend the ‘life’ of the treated tooth.

  1. Corrections for crookedness

Crooked tooth? No problem. White fillings can mould around the natural tooth to create an entirely new silhouette, meaning that the once-crooked tooth now looks more uniform alongside the others.


If you’re looking for white fillings or other dental solutions, we’re here to help. Contact our Clapham Common dentists today for advice, appointments and more. Don’t hesitate – book your appointment now and start your journey towards optimal dental health and a stunning smile.