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5 Reasons To Try Lip Fillers

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28th July 2020

5 Reasons To Try Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are loved all over the globe, and are showing no signs of going away – especially having amassed a huge Hollywood following. If you’re looking to follow in the footsteps of greats and enhance your smile a step further, then our specialist team can help. Read on for their top 5 reasons to try lip fillers.

An enhancement that can look beautifully natural

We know lots of people like to create a dramatic impression through facial aesthetics, but it’s also possible to create a very natural-looking result through subtle, well-placed injections. If you find yourself wanting further enhancement, you can build on your results, too.

Results you can shape

As well as the ability to add to your fillers for more impact, you can also dissolve fillers – not just for lip fillers, but also for dermal fillers. It’s the only facial aesthetics treatment where this is possible, unlike other injectables like botox, which need to be broken down over time. Of course, when you book with a reputable clinic like ourselves, there’s little chance you’ll want to reverse them – we do our utmost to create results you’ll be proud to show off – but it can give you that safety net if you’re trying out facial aesthetics for the first time.

Safe and effective

Little downtime? Check. Minimal side-effects? Check. Few risks? Check. There’s three reasons alone to give lip fillers a go! Totally non-surgical and minimally-invasive too, lip fillers are a great option for those looking to sculpt and refine their features without going under the knife. Finally, thanks to the main ingredient of hyaluronic acid, there’s little risk of the body rejecting or reacting to the treatment.

Shaping, volumising and anti-ageing

While the number one reason for our clients booking lip fillers has to be volume – especially because lips thin as we age – they’re also ideal for creating a more sculpted shape. Of course, lip filler in Clapham can be injected around the mouth too, helping to eliminate lines and create a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Value for money

Here at our Clapham Common dental practice, we offer open, competitive pricing but believe your experience with us will be unmatched. We may also be offer credit options to you. Our clients love that lip fillers last for up to 12 months, too!

And now to book…

Our dermal fillers and lip fillers treatment can be easily booked through our website here, or over the phone. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our stunning dental practice here in the heart of Clapham Common.