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Dermaroller Versus Dermal Fillers

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25th July 2020

Dermaroller Versus Dermal Fillers

Did you know that we offer facial aesthetic treatments here at our Clapham Common dental practice? Well, we’re big believers that they can work together with dental procedures to further enhance your smile and boost confidence – so we’re pleased to offer a range of treatments that can revive and restore dull, unbalanced or aged skin with dermal fillers.

Whenever we make any recommendation for facial aesthetics, we’ll first invite you to a consultation, to ensure we’re offering you the best choices for your skin type, and the results you’re looking for. In this post, we’ll be comparing two of our treatments, dermaroller and dermal fillers, which may sound similar, but can yield incredibly different results.

Wrinkles: how do they stack up?

Both dermal fillers and dermaroller treatments can target lines and wrinkles in the skin. Dermaroller aims to boost collagen production in the skin, helping improve the skin’s appearance through enhancing elasticity and improving cell renewal. Dermal fillers, however, can ‘fill’ lines and wrinkles to give a smoother appearance.

How about skin brightening rather than dermal fillers?

Yes, both treatments can result in skin looking a little brighter, though this is where dermaroller fares better – and that’s owing to the skin renewal process. Fillers, however, use hyaluronic acid to hydrate, which can help give your appearance that lovely glow.

Which is best for treating scarring and skin damage?

Again, the dermaroller is your best choice here. That’s because it can boost both cell renewal, and the skin’s healing process.

Which works faster on skin?

Dermal fillers can yield instant results, while dermaroller treatment may take a number of days or weeks to really show a difference. Both can be used on many different areas of the face.

How do pain, downtime and side-effects differ with dermal fillers?

Both treatments can result in slight redness and tenderness of the treated areas, but neither treatment should feel painful. We can offer a topical anaesthetic to keep skin calm and comfortable during your treatment. It’s worth remembering that side-effects and risks from both treatment are relatively minor and both treatments are far less invasive than surgery.

And now to book dermal fillers in London

Whether you’re looking into dermal fillers, dermaroller, or something else entirely, our skilled, talented and qualified team can help achieve real results that you’ll love for months to come. Book now with our Clapham Common practice and look forward to feeling comfortable and relaxed in warm and friendly surroundings.