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5 Reasons You Should Consider White Fillings

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12th March 2022

5 Reasons You Should Consider White Fillings

Nestled in the heart of London in Clapham Common, our quality dental practice carries out everything from cosmetic dentistry to family care and emergency dental treatments. Today, we’re focusing on white fillings, covering all the benefits and reasons to have them. Whether you’re needing to book in some fillings work, or simply want to find out more about them and their benefits, read on.

  1. Strong repairs to your natural teeth

White fillings is just composite resin that can help to strengthen a tooth. They’re used in cases where there’s a hole or a crack in the tooth, or even to build back a tooth that may have been slightly chipped. The special putty is malleable, but sets hard under UV light – so it can be shaped specifically to the cavity or defect in your smile.

  1. A realistic solution for your smile

Instead of flashing metal when you smile with amalgam fillings, white fillings are matched to the colour of your natural teeth and it’s highly likely people won’t be able to tell you have them in. In other words, if you’re looking for a discreet solution, then try white fillings.

  1. A durable and lasting smile solution

Some people mistakenly think white fillings are weak, but actually, they’re extremely durable. In fact, you’ll be able to eat hard foods almost immediately after your treatment. The special UV light helps harden the material almost instantly, whereas metal amalgam fillings may take up to 24 hours to harden.

  1. A whiter, brighter smile

Since white fillings match to your natural teeth, and you can’t brighten them after we place them, many patients opt to whiten their teeth before having the white fillings. That way, your whole smile enjoys a lift – and your new filling will be the perfect colour match.

  1. Oral health benefits for your teeth

Dark metal fillings can make it tricky to spot any concerns in nearby teeth, such as tooth decay. But white fillings could do the opposite, meaning you could identify problems early and treat them before they get worse.

So, there you have it – five top benefits or reasons to consider fillings. If you’re still on the fence between them and amalgam fillings, why not get in touch with our team? Alternatively, if you’re ready to book treatment right here in Clapham Common, our talented dentists will be happy to help.

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