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5 Treatments You Didn’t Know Our Dental Practice Offered

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15th April 2018

5 Treatments You Didn’t Know Our Dental Practice Offered

Dental hygiene is very important and something we take very seriously at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice. At our Clapham dental practice, you can receive regular check-ups and hygiene appointments to keep your teeth in tip-top condition, but did you know we also cater to more diverse and specialist dental health and cosmetic concerns?

We’ve mastered a range of different facets of dentistry and orthodontics, and even some treatments you probably never expected. Here are 5 of our treatments that you didn’t even realise we offered…

Cosmetic dentistry

You probably knew that we offered cosmetic dentistry like teeth whitening, right? But did you know we also fit veneers, crowns and bridges, and white fillings? We’re proud to offer discrete cosmetic dentistry procedures to all of our patients and can even replace missing teeth with dental implants. We understand that your confidence in your smile could be diminished by a dulling in colour, missing teeth, or gaps and chips, but it’s our main priority to keep you grinning.

A range of braces suitable for all

Smile straight and wide with our full range of adult braces. Worried that braces mean having metal fixed to your teeth, marring your teeth with the ‘train track’ effect? Wrong! We offer 4 different types of braces suited to the varying needs and budgets of our patients, so straightening your teeth can always be accessible.

Mouth cancer screening

The early detection of mouth cancer is crucial to successfully treating it. At Crescent Lodge Dental Practice, we offer annual mouth cancer screenings to ensure our patients’ safety and peace of mind. We can identify any warning signs should there be any present, and also advise on how best to take care of your mouth, teeth, and gums so that you can prevent it in the future. Our quality care doesn’t just see us paying attention to your teeth, we pay attention to you.

Children’s dentistry

As part of our focus on preventative dentistry, we encourage you to introduce your family to children’s dental care from an early age. This way, we can help teach them how best to take care of their teeth and gums. We can apply fluoride to safeguard against developing decay, identify any bite or alignment issues to be addressed by our expert orthodontist Dino Birkenstock, and advise on our monthly dental care plan for children. Our dental practice is a family affair, so let’s work together to keep your troop smiling.

Facial aesthetics

We don’t just provide treatment for dental cosmetics, but we also offer facial aesthetics. Our experienced dentists John Swift and the aforementioned Dino are both qualified and experienced in offering facial rejuvenation using dermal fillers and wrinkle reduction injections. They understand that everybody has different personal tastes, so at your initial consultation, they will listen closely to concerns, questions, and desired outcomes so they can provide the best treatment for you. Our team of clinicians can also offer Dermaroller, perfect for rejuvenating the skin and brightening the complexion.

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We’re experts at looking after your teeth, but these 5 handpicked treatments prove that there is so much more we can do to keep you and your family smiling. Whether you are seeking straighter, brighter, or healthier teeth, our dedicated dental team can assist you. But, if you’re seeking a trusted dental practice that can perform dental implant placement, and facial aesthetics, and introduce your children to preventative dental care, we can also offer our services. Speak to a friendly member of staff today on 020 7622 5333 or book online.

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