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Anti-Wrinkle Injections Or Facelift?

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30th October 2020

Anti-Wrinkle Injections Or Facelift?

Our aesthetics experts here in Clapham Common, near London, regularly carry out anti-wrinkle injection treatments on men and women of all age groups. The biggest name in anti-ageing, Botox has incredible results and benefits, and our patients are always happy with their results. In this post, we’ll discuss why we believe wrinkle reduction is a better alternative to a surgical facelift.

Fewer risks

As a responsible and reputable dental practice, we’d never claim that anti wrinkle injections come without risks – from so-called ‘frozen face’ to drooping features, and swelling and soreness following treatment, there are things every patient should be aware of.

However, risks and side-effects of wrinkle reduction are usually mild and uncommon, and surgery arguably comes with greater risks. These include infection, bleeding, scarring, nerve damage, and even complications that can lead to death.

Faster results

Once injected, anti-wrinkle injection treatments set to work immediately, though results may take a couple of weeks to show. With surgery, there’s a healing process involved, so it could take much longer before you reap the rewards. Other non-surgical treatments that can turn back the clock, such as dermal fillers, have an instant improvement.

In addition, there’s less downtime with anti-wrinkle injections. In fact, many people have their treatment during their lunch break and go back to work afterwards. Compare this to being off work for several weeks following a facelift, and it’s easy to see why it can be a better option than surgery.

Easy to maintain

Anti-wrinkle injections are well-known for being a temporary fix for wrinkles, with top-ups required several times a year, but with a tailored treatment plan, it’s easy to remember when to book in, so there’s no gap in your treatment. While surgery may seem like a better option with its longer-lasting results, it’s not as permanent as it may seem. Even after surgery, skin continues to age, and a facelift may need to be repeated after a few years. In other words, while surgery can guarantee longer-lasting results, it’s still not a permanent option.

More cost-effective

A few syringes of anti-wrinkle injections are much more purse-friendly than all-out surgery – and we’ve already mentioned that surgery will still need repeating in the future. What’s more, with frequent anti-wrinkle injections, you may be able to go longer between top-ups. That’s because the treatment prevents muscles from being used fully, which causes them to become smaller and shorter over time.

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