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Is Wrinkle Reduction Right For Me?

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11th October 2020

Is Wrinkle Reduction Right For Me?

Anti-wrinkle injections are widely known for their wrinkle-reducing powers, but is it the right treatment for you? In this post, our aesthetic experts here at our Clapham dental practice know all about wrinkle reduction and will discuss this popular injectable with you, helping you make an informed choice.


Our anti-wrinkle injections in Clapham usually takes a couple of weeks to show results, but these than last at least 3 months. With regular top-ups, you’ll be able to make your results last even longer. We can put together a tailored treatment plan here at our Clapham dental practice, so you know when to come in for your next treatment.

Woman receiving anti wrinkle injections / botox with us here at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice.

Of course, many of our patients here in Clapham worry that their results won’t look natural, or that they won’t be able to smile or frown properly when they’ve had treatment. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We’re experts in this treatment, with years of experience behind us and all the necessary qualifications to carry out wrinkle injections safely and effectively. We always aim to create as natural a result as possible, without leaving you looking fake or frozen.

Risks & side-effects

Any aesthetic treatment, including wrinkle reduction treatments, comes with risks and side effects, but are far safer than surgical options (consider the risks of infection, and the downtime needed for procedures such as facelifts). Wrinkle injections may be slightly uncomfortable to some patients (the reason we offer numbing agents and use fine needles), but risks are relatively low – aside from soreness or swelling, it’s unlikely you’ll experience any adverse effects. In addition, we discuss your aftercare with you in full, so you can care for the treated areas effectively following your session.


Wrinkle reduction treatments are used by men and women alike, and span all age groups (over the legal age requirement, of course). However, there are always exceptions – those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, for example, may not be suitable. That’s why we insist on a consultation, even if you’ve had the treatment before. It’s part of our commitment to patient safety and is one more reason to trust us with your treatment.


As stated, a consultation at our Clapham dental practice will be the first step on your journey to wrinkle-free skin. Anti-wrinkle injections can be a life-changing experience, giving you renewed confidence and self-esteem, but it’s important that we determine it’s suitable for you before booking your treatment. To secure your consultation, get in touch with our team and we’ll find a slot to suit you.