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Are dental implants worth it?

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8th February 2019

Are dental implants worth it?

Dental implants have been known to last for 30 to 40 years. With some people, they could be expected to be a life-long proposition. If you can replace a missing tooth with a prosthesis that is fixed securely into the mouth and fits alongside your existing teeth, without anybody knowing it’s false, do you think it’s worth the trouble of having them fitted? Our dental implant patients have nothing but praise for them!

The benefits of having dental implants

The benefits of having dental implants in London, aside from the fact they’re an investment for life, are two fold. You’ll regain confidence in your looks when you smile, because you won’t be worried that people are looking at the gaps in your teeth. Smiling with confidence is not only proven, according to multiple studies, to provide you with a career advantage and better luck in dating, but it also stimulates the hormones that make you happy. When you smile, you not only look happy, but also feel happier.

There are also health benefits to dental implants. Your jawbone relies on the roots of your teeth to stimulate it through your chewing motions. Dental implant roots perform the same function. When no tooth root is present to stimulate the jawbone, it begins to atrophy, resulting in bone loss and your appearance gaining a prematurely aged look, that is commonly associated with wearing traditional dentures. Dental implants in Clapham, London will keep your jawbone healthy. Smiling more will keep your immune system strong, and in addition to all of that, a dental implant will keep your teeth aligned.

Teeth will naturally move into any gaps that are created and the consequence of this is your teeth suddenly being less straight than they were. You might be able to handle the fact that your teeth are now not as straight as they once were, but did you know that this state of affairs is also putting you at an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease? Teeth which are not straight often capture food deposits in hidden overlapped surfaces, which, because they’re not brushed away, then combine with acid to attack tooth enamel and cause your gums to become red, swollen and bleeding. All of this because you didn’t bother getting that tooth implant!

Your smile can probably handle a less straight alignment, without knocking your body confidence too much, but when that also means you’re at a greater risk of gaining unattractively swollen gums and increased fillings, does that change how you feel?

Implant-supported dentures

Implants don’t just have to replace a single tooth. A whole row of missing teeth can be replaced through a bridge of crowns that are securely anchored into the mouth with an implant at each end. With just 4-6 implants and set of bridges, you could achieve a full set of dentures that will look and feel like natural teeth, can be brushed in the same way, and will not fall out when you’re least expecting it.

Book a consultation for Dental Implants in London

In order to have the quality of your jawbone assessed with a view to discovering if you’d be a good candidate for a dental implant in Clapham, London, and require only a minimally invasive procedure, please get in touch to book your consultation with us or simply book online. We can potentially eradicate your speech problems, as well as help you eat more comfortably. Start smiling again and give us a call!

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