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Are dermal fillers temporary or permanent?

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8th February 2019

Are dermal fillers temporary or permanent?

Body image is a huge problem for a lot of people. In a survey by Psychology today, 40% of women and 29% of men said that how they believed their partner viewed their body had a huge impact on their body image. In an ideal world, many of us would wish we weren’t so sensitive when it came to our looks, but that doesn’t help how we feel. Today our Clapham experts discuss dermal fillers.

As we age, we naturally become more sensitive about our looks. It’s difficult to embrace the changes to our appearance that maturing skin brings, when the media persists in equating beauty with youth. Luckily however, if you are of the mind that you’d like to turn back the clock on the ageing process in an aesthetic way, it’s perfectly possible and acceptable to do so. You can enjoy a rejuvenation and restoration of your former glory, giving you a boost to your confidence at the same time.

Surgery versus fillers

If you’re considering a full face lift, you might be torn between having surgery or dermal filler treatment. The difference between the two procedures is that surgery is permanent, there’s a very high risk of you being permanently scarred by the stitches involved as a result, and extensive downtime will have to be taken into account.

In contrast, dermal fillers are temporary. If you don’t like the new look you’ve been given by your practitioner, you can have it tweaked. This is simply not possible with surgery. Traditional fillers would have been permanent too, but that’s not the case now. These days, they’re much safer, as well as capable of giving you a more predictable result. Gone are the days of overstuffing and the ‘trout pout.’ Fillers are now applied in moderation by practitioners who are more highly skilled and have much more experience.

The treatment areas of dermal fillers

When dermal fillers are injected under the skin to soak up the water there, they have a volumising effect. This means the dark circles under the eyes, known as the tear troughs, can be plumped up to give you a more even skin contour, cheeks and temples can be made less sallow-looking and deep creases on the lower face can be reduced.

Additionally structural changes to the face to enhance your looks can be made. Non-invasive nosejobs, a firming up of the jawline, and an alteration to the shape, volume and proportions of the lips are all possible through dermal filler treatment.

The importance of a dermal fillers consultation

Few people understand the effects and results fillers can have on the maturing face better than a trained facial aesthetics practitioner, such as ours. For this reason we would like to invite you to a consultation with us to check that fillers is the cosmetic treatment that is most appropriate in your case individual case. It could be that anti-wrinkle injections will serve you better.

Please get in touch to find out more today. Filler results are immediate and last for up to 6 months. They will refresh your face in a natural-looking way, that no other cosmetic treatment seems able to achieve. We look forward to meeting you and helping you become the best version of yourself once again.

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