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How Can I Transform My Smile In South West London?

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21st November 2017

How Can I Transform My Smile In South West London?

At Crescent Lodge Dental Practice in Clapham, we have an extensive range of treatments that not only enhance the appearance of your smile but strengthen your bite. So many of us are guilty of ignoring a health issue until it becomes unbearable and much worse than it would have originally been if it had been addressed by a medical professional sooner. Whether you are struggling with tooth loss, dental damage or misalignment – Crescent Lodge Dental Practice have a treatment to suit you.

Can Dental Implants enhance my smile?

Dental Implants in London are a fantastic remedy to resolve issues with one, or multiple instances of tooth loss and damage. Fitted with a titanium screw, Dental Implants provide a strong, durable foundation for artificial teeth, and are regarded as the best alternative to natural teeth by experts. Despite their robust base, our skilful dentists create bespoke implants, that are shaped and coloured to blend in with your natural teeth! Crescent Lodge Dental Practice are proud to give our patients the confidence of a strong and stunning smile.

Can Invisalign improve my smile?

One of the most popular treatments at our South West London practice is the innovative Invisalign clear brace service. This versatile procedure allows Crescent Lodge Dental Practice’s patients to correct misalignment and enhance their smile discreetly, and efficiently.

The most common reasons for Invisalign treatment include:

– Gaps in between teeth, including front teeth

– Rotated teeth

– Sticking out front teeth

– Crooked front teeth

The clear, removable aligners straighten your smile in stages and are much less uncomfortable than traditional metal braces. In addition to their subtle appearance, Invisalign braces create a little impact on your lifestyle. We recommend wearing your Invisalign for a minimum of 22 hours a day, and removing them for mealtimes, drinking and brushing, however, if you have a special event occasionally you are welcome to remove them if they are put back in afterwards! We recommend this time frame so that you’re able to get the most exceptional results possible.

Why Choose Crescent Lodge Dental Practice?

If you are looking to modify your smile, why not get in contact with our friendly team of experts? We can book you in for a consultation to determine the best remedy for your dental concerns.

During this appointment, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and find out more about the dental treatments that we offer. We also have finance options available, should you wish to spread the cost of your Crescent Lodge Dental Practice treatment. Please get in touch to take those first steps towards a straighter, stronger smile or simply book online.

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