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Covid-19 Update

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17th November 2020

Covid-19 Update

We would just like to keep you informed about our services at present as we enter our second lockdown due to Covid.


As you will know infection control has always been a top priority at Crescent Lodge so your care is both safe and comfortable. We always follow the most up to date guidance to ensure our procedures keep patients and staff safe.

During the first lock down earlier in the year, we fired on all cylinders getting the practice as safe as possible for our patients and our staff for the coming year.

With COVID19, as you would expect, we shall be putting in additional measures to protect you, our patients, as well as our staff. This will mean there will be some changes when you visit us – some things we will expect from you, and some changes we will be making. I explain both in the lists below.

There are a few more protocols for us to follow to be confident and safe.

We have purchased a top of the line air purification system for each room. These have HEPA filters in, and take out any viruses, bacteria and particles in the air.

We have invested heavily in the correct PPE for the items of treatment we offer.

What we ask of you

  1. Book you appointment online or over the phone,
  2. Tell us if you are shielding – we may recommend you postpone seeing us for a while unless you need to see us. If you do need to see us or will take a few extra precautions, including schedule you in for certain times of the day.
  3. You shall receive an online Covid-19 screening form, 3 days prior to you appointment. If you have symptoms or feel as though you have had contact with someone with Covid-19, please reschedule your appointment with as much notice as possible.
  4. We ask you to wear a mask covering your mouth and nose whilst travelling to the practice. In line with government guidelines if you can avoid public transport, please do.
  5. We recommend you use the bathroom before leaving home. If you need to use the bathroom, we will supply disinfectant wipes for you to wipe down anything you touched. Then wash your hands thoroughly again in line with government guidelines.
  6. Please bring as few items with you as possible, so there are less objects/garments that could be carrying the virus.
  7. When you arrive for your appointment please call the number on the sign on the door to let us know you have arrived, and wait outside the front entrance. If there are other patients waiting, please maintain social distancing.  Pop your phone in your pocket or bag once you have called reception.
  8. A staff member will take your temperature with a non-contact thermometer. Assuming it is within normal range you will then let you in. You could be asymptomatic or pre symptomatic, so please leave your mask on at all times unless asked to remove it by the clinician.
  9. When you come in to the practice we will provide you with hand sanitiser. If you do not already have a mask we shall provide you with one.
  10. You will be accompanied through to the surgery where the dentist or hygienist will be expecting you.

What to expect in your appointment. 

  1. The clinician and nurse will be wearing additional protection. They will have their gloves, masks and glasses, possibly a visor and a gown and/or an apron on. If you are seeing a different dentist or hygienist than your usual one, we appreciate this may seem a bit impersonal, but please bear with us. We will do all we can to ensure you are relaxed, comfortable and safe.
  2. You will be asked to sit in the dental chair, keeping your mask on while you to talk to the clinician. In your discussion talk about all your concerns, including if you are nervous if you are seeing a different clinician.
  3. If you are having treatment, the aerosol that is produced will be suctioned by the nurse throughout. This removes 95% of the aerosol (the spray), reducing the risk of transmission of COVID-19
  4. The air filtration systems will be on and cleaning the air.
  5. As mentioned above the dentist, hygienist and nurse will be wearing protective equipment, so once again further reducing the risk of transmission.
  6. Once finished, you will be asked to put your mask back on, for further conversation.
  7. After your appointment, you will be asked to leave through the back door, to avoid contact with other patients in the reception area.

I am so glad to be able to continue offering our services.

Please follow the guidance above so we can do all we can to ensure everyone is safe and sound.

We sent newsletter on 23rd of April 2020 with lots of information in-please look through your emails/junk and open – it may answer some questions you have.

Thank you so much for coming back to us, I really appreciate your loyalty.

I and all the team at Crescent Lodge are so looking forward to seeing you soon.

Jonny Swift