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Dental Implants In Brief

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30th November 2020

Dental Implants In Brief

When it comes to our smiles, few things can feel as embarrassing – or debilitating – as missing teeth. But even with the best in oral care, and despite check-ups as directed by your dentist, tooth loss can occur, which is where dental implants can help.

At Crescent Lodge dental practice, based in London we’re experts in your smile. Whether it’s giving your teeth a new lease of life with a whitening boost, straightening your smile with industry-leading orthodontics, or caring for niggles and wiggles with our everyday general dentistry, you can trust in us to transform your teeth (and your confidence, too).

In this post, we give an overview of dental implants, so you know what to expect when you book in with our dentists here in London.

Dental implants are strong and long-lasting

While some treatments last but a few years, or until your next check-up, dental implants are designed for life. Not only can they help you eat and chew once more, but they can also retain the structure of the gums and jaw bone, which supports your facial tissues, too.

They are easy to look after

No specialist methods or expensive brands are recommended here – it’s simply a case of A, B, C. ‘A’ stands for ‘Aftercare’ – so follow your dentist’s instructions to look after your new tooth implants during their healing stage. ‘B’ stands for ‘Be aware’ – so ensure you note any differences or changes if they happen, such as wobbling or bleeding, to ensure swift treatment. Finally, ‘C’ stands for ‘care’ – and all you have to do is stick to a twice-daily, two-minute oral routine of brushing and flossing to keep your tooth implants lasting a lifetime.

Dental implants are super-subtle

Our expert dentists create these new implanted false teeth to suit your smile seamlessly. In other words, nobody can spot they’re not real teeth! We can create tooth implants that look just like the rest of your teeth in shape, size and colour, and as they’re firmly anchored in place, slipping and clicking is no longer a cause for concern.

They are faster than you think

As a surgical procedure is involved, you could be forgiven for thinking tooth implants take up lots of your time. In reality, we can fit the titanium root part and add a temporary crown while it heals, then fixes the final crown at a later date. This means there’s no ‘gap’ in treatment – or your smile – while your new tooth bonds properly to your jaw (and no chance someone will spot you’ve got a replacement tooth!). The whole process takes a matter of months from start to finish.

Book with Crescent Lodge dental practice today

We’d love to help you with your London dental implant journey. Get in touch with our dentists today or simply book online and we’ll book your implant treatment consultation as soon as we can, right here in Clapham, London.

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