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Crescent Lodge Dental Practice – The Advantages Of Having Whiter Teeth

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8th November 2016

Crescent Lodge Dental Practice – The Advantages Of Having Whiter Teeth

Live in South West London and wondering about the appeal of teeth whitening treatment? Perhaps some of your friends or colleagues have had it done and you can’t see the point? You’d be amazed by some the advantages having whiter teeth, less discoloured teeth can provide. Believe us, when we say that people will notice a difference in your smile and that your refreshed smile can benefit you in a number of ways.

Get a brighter, whiter smile

Teeth may be hidden behind our lips a lot of the time, but their appearance, when they’re revealed during a smile can cause people to make judgements about you. Crooked or discoloured teeth may indicate that you don’t care particularly for your appearance. You wouldn’t turn up to an interview in a crumpled suit with a stain on your shirt, would you? Teeth are no less important than your clothes, when it comes to how you present yourself, so having healthier-looking, more appealing, whiter teeth could give your career the boost it needs. You might not think that flashing a pleasing smile at work can help your job prospects, but your employer might – especially if you’re dealing with the customers.

As for dating, The Daily Mail has reported that in a recent survey having great teeth was considered to be the most important asset by thousands of single people involved in the dating scene. Could you be inadvertently putting off potential partners with your less-than white teeth? That doesn’t have to be the case. Let us help you be more successful in the workplace and in love. Having your whiter teeth can:

– Help you look more attractive

– Give you more confidence in your smile

– Help you get promoted or hired

– Improve your customer base

– Help you succeed in your projects

– Help you look more approachable and allow you to get help when you need it

– Allow you to radiate positivity

– Make you look healthier

What does teeth whitening treatment involve?

We offer two options. You can either book yourself in for an in-surgery whitening treatment, during which you can listen to your music as the hygienist provides you with a whiter smile, or you can choose our home whitening kit. We will guide you in the process and we use the leading Opalescence brand. Custom-made mouth trays will make the whole experience comfortable and within a few days, you’ll have the sort of smile that brings you benefits.

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If you’d like to find out more about having your teeth whitened at our South West London practice, or having us guide you through the professional, safe and predictable home whitening kits we can prescribe, please give our dedicated team a call to arrange a convenient appointment time. Our friendly team members will be able to offer you great advice, as well as answer any questions you might have.