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Crescent Lodge Dental – How Teeth Whitening Can Benefit you

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9th March 2017

Crescent Lodge Dental – How Teeth Whitening Can Benefit you

We all presumably know or could guess that a teeth whitening treatment will make our teeth whiter, but did you know that this simple dental procedure also has the potential to help you maintain better oral hygiene? By embarking on a teeth whitening treatment here at our South West London practice, you could be lowering your risk of tooth decay and gum disease, as well as freshening your breath. How?

Dentists have noticed that once a patient has experienced life with whiter teeth and an improved smile, along with the confidence that this brings (not to mention the fact that they’ve enjoyed people reacting more favourably towards them because their teeth are more attractive) he or she is more inclined to take better care of their teeth.

In the same way somebody who has lost weight in order to give him or herself a more attractive figure might be conscientious about eating healthily to retain his or her new-found body confidence, somebody with an improved smile will assiduously clean and floss their teeth regularly to ensure the effects of the treatment last for longer.

If you think this could be the case with you, booking yourself in for a teeth whitening treatment could make it less likely for you to have to to visit the dentist with a genuine dental concern in the future! Food deposits being left on the teeth are a key cause of plaque, tooth decay and ultimately gum disease, which if left unremoved and untreated have been linked to both heart problems and diabetes. Why not give yourself a reason to care for your teeth more effectively?

Why you might need teeth whitening treatment

Although some habits and lifestyle choices will exacerbate the discolouration of your teeth, such as drinking tea and coffee, eating a lot of curry, or smoking, our teeth do naturally yellow with age, as well as pick up stains. Given that this is a natural phenomenon, discoloured teeth are often associated with old age.

Conversely then, whitening your teeth can give you a rejuvenated look. Whiter teeth are associated with younger people. Would you like to embark on some cosmetic dentistry that has the potential to take a few years off your looks?

If you’re interested in having teeth whitening treatment at our Southwest London practice, we can offer you two options. We use Zoom! for in surgery treatment, or if you’d prefer to take the stains and discolouration away in the comfort of your own home, we can prescribe and guide you through our professional home kit by leading brand, Opalescence. Opalescence simply isn’t available for non-dentists.

The mouth trays used will be custom-made for you to ensure you are comfortable during the treatment and we’ll make sure you’re happy you know what you’re doing before you take the kit home. In addition, we will prepare your teeth prior to whitening them, which will ensure you achieve optimal results. Please give our Southwest London practice a call today with your questions and consultation requests.

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