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Crescent Lodge Dental – The advantages of tooth implants

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9th March 2017

Crescent Lodge Dental – The advantages of tooth implants

Before tooth implants, the only solution to tooth loss was to have a traditional denture fitted. This would be clipped into the mouth, rest on your gums, or bonded to adjacent teeth. Traditional dentures would give you replacement teeth and improve the appearance of your smile, but they wouldn’t be without their problems.

Why Choose Implants?

An inability to secure them into your mouth adequately was a common side effect of removable dentures. They also commonly feel uncomfortable when they shift around while you’re eating, not to mention the fact it’s embarrassing when they fall out of your mouth accidentally. Additionally, the major complaint about this type of prosthesis was the clicking noises they make.

Many patients in Clapham wished for a denture solution that was more securely anchored into the mouth, was permanently fixed in place and more comfortable to wear. Dental implants, thankfully, can do all of this. Dental implants have tons of benefits and are now the preferred solution by thousands of patients in the UK and further afield, simply because of the long list of benefits they can provide over traditional removable dentures.

Let’s have a look at why our Clapham tooth implants are so popular:

– The tooth implants are fitted into the jaw and encouraged to fuse with the jawbone. This means they are attached firmly to your mouth and should not fall out

– The crown added to the top of the tooth implant looks and feels like a natural tooth. It’s unlikely that others will even realise you’re wearing a prosthesis when they see you smile. What a boost to your confidence!

– The smooth edges of the implant and lack of clips mean it’s comfortable to wear.

– They’re easy to keep clean and you won’t have to worry about forgetting to take them out or put them in. You brush them in the same way you brush your natural teeth.

– Tooth implants are long-lasting. Many Clapham patients have reported no problems with their implants 30 years after having had them fitted.

– When used as an anchor for bridges and dentures, you’ll have a set of teeth that is far more secure than traditional dentures.

– Tooth implants should help you eat more efficiently and speak more clearly than traditional dentures.

– Tooth implants should stop the rest of your teeth from shifting in your mouth, moving into the gaps created by missing teeth as well as helping you preserve the health of your jawbone. Jawbones can atrophy without teeth attached to them.

What does having tooth implants fitted in Clapham, London involve?

Our implantologists are Dr Fabrizio Rapisarda and Dr Andreas Jahnigen, both of whom have received extensive training in fitting dental implants and have plenty of years of experience in doing so.

In the first instance, you’ll come and have a consultation with us, so we can examine your jawbone quality and your suitability as a tooth implant patient. If however, you need replacement teeth fast, we can fit teeth on the same day for you. Your jaw will be opened, the implant fitted and a temporary crown added to the top. After a period of healing and fusing (the implant to the jawbone) you will return to us to have your permanent crown fitted. It is a relatively simple procedure that provides huge benefits. Finance plans are in place to help you spread the cost of your treatment should you wish to do that.

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